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Please excuse the mess as we are still setting up.
Uhewerk Geist are a closed species by EefaCapricorn

- Always credit EefaCapricorn for species.
- Do not create an Uhrwerk Geist without my permission!
- Uhrwerk Geist can only be obtained through MYO/Custom events and official adopts.
- All art submitted must include at least one Uhrwerk Geist.
- You don't need to own an Uhrwerk Geist to join.
- No harassing or spamming/advertising on the page.

Species Info
To start off the Uhrwerk species I would like to open some myos
thank you to those that participated

Info and Visual Guide
Uhrwerk Geist infoAbout

Uhrwerk Geist (oar-verk ghast) are poltergeist that have become overly attached to a certain object or objects. Their obsession has caused their bodies to fuse with the object(s) forming elegantly macabre designs. The object could be something they treasured in life or the cause of their untimely death. Whatever the case may be, their appearance is a scary but beautiful sight to see.
    Uhrwerks are often found haunting graveyards, abandoned buildings, or old towns. They can be either good, bad, or neutral in behavior. For example, in old tales of Uhrwerks, there was one called Seraphina Führen that wandered the forests where a forgotten castle lie. They were described as having a birdcage as their torso and a crown of candles. They would guide those who were lost in the woods to safety with their blue glow as a guiding light.
    Uhrwerks tend to go after objects that are antiques rath
Uhrwerk Geist Visual Guide by EefaCapricorn

- Common Myo's are the only ones that are free
- Uncommon traits are $2/200 :points:
- Rare traits are $3/300 :points:
- You have 2 months to finish the Myo (May 5th)
- Note the group to approve your finished design. DO NOT post it without it being approved! (upload to then send).
- You have 48 hours after confirming a slot to pay or the slots will be voided (We may make arrangements if something comes up so let me know).
- You can have up to 2 slots

Species Rules
- Always credit EefaCapricorn for the species
- Be a member o the group
- Minor design edits are allowed but send it for approval (gender, body type, clothes edits don’t need approval).
- Only I (and approved guest artists) may make and sell adoptables.
- Uhrwerk Geist can’t be used for commercial use (prints, etc).
- You may sell/trade your Uhrwerk Geist for their actual worth only.
- Follow the trait guide. Do not use traits not listed or allowed. No Legendary traits are allowed outside adopts and special events.
- Any unfair trading or rule breaking can result in a blacklist.

<To Claim a slot</b>
- Username:
- Number of slots:
- Uncommon traits: List them and be specific, N/A if none
- Rare traits: List them and be specific, N/A if none
- PayPal email: (or say using points) N/A if just common
- Make a journal advertising this event
- Tag 2 friends

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or note me.

Unfinished Myos
- Qu-Ross
More Journal Entries


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