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My most recent deviation, above, brought me a bit of sorely needed validation. Over the past ten years I've slid out of the habit of producing artwork regularly, and my skills have deteriorated as a result. Along with that my confidence in my work has suffered as well. That's partially because I haven't been pursuing my art professionally, what with the need to make a living and not feeling that I can "make it" as an artist. Very common story: married man wants to keep a roof over his family's head and food on the table, so he feels he has to compromise some dreams to make that happen. I'm doing okay financially, but artistically I've felt a bit of a dried up failure for some time now. That's a gutting thing to actually admit and put out into the universe. Nobody wants to admit that they feel like they've become second rate. While I do use social media and DA, I'm quite a private person when it comes to those worlds, yet for whatever reason I felt the need to post this here anyways.

I define myself as an intermedia artist, meaning I work in many different media, but my academic artistic studies were focused on a studio/fine art context (my degree is in studio art with an emphasis in printmaking and sculpture, some hints of which you'll see in my gallery) rather than illustration, digital or sequential art which are more common fields for DA artists. However, like any decent artist I've always loved to draw, and an important sign of how I'm doing emotionally has always been how much I draw, paint or otherwise produce artwork of any kind. A lot of things in my life, such as my commitment in church, my marriage and teaching my seminary class have been going well and have been very fulfilling, but doing a mundane rather than creative job for a living has been gnawing at me. Lack of artistic expression has been a killer, now matter how good some other aspects of my personal and spiritual life have been. Even if I do stick with a regular job for the long haul, I'll have to produce art just to maintain my own sanity and sense of worth.

My wife knows how much my art means to me, and she's been trying to encourage me to start creating it again, and expressing confidence that if I can get rolling and let my creative juices flow properly I can actually make a living with my painting and printmaking rather than with a job in corporate America - she knows that on principle I loathe working in the private sector even though I like my company and the actual job I'm doing is fine in and of itself. It's been difficult to believe her, especially with how out of practice I've become and the self-hating psychological stuff that goes along with the same. Like most artists I've known, I'm pretty self conscious about my work, and it's hard to feel that any improvements I make will ever be good enough, or that other people will value what comes out of me.

Anyhow, the above piece may be far from a work of genius, but taking a visual concept that had been rattling around inside my skull demanding to be let out and, well, letting it out definitely helped my emotional well being and my confidence that I can start in on some of the images that have been nagging at me for literally years, like a piece of Michael casting Lucifer out of heaven that ever since college I have kept doodling up comp sketches and thumbnails for but never turn into a finished piece.

Since it's fan art, I shared it with a particular corner of the Zebra Girl fan community. Then, within a couple of days, 
:iconjoeengland: the series creator, came round, saw it and gave it a +fav and some feedback on the piece itself. Getting some validation and feedback from a professional creator whom I respect about what I'd done with his brainchild... that felt really good. While it may be a small thing, the small things matter. Thank you.
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It's been forever since I posted to this journal. Last time was that Daily Deviation years ago. Yikes! anyhow, it's time for a little journal silliness, in the questionnaire format originally from the very talented :iconspacefriend-t:

As he said:
"So I thought I'd create this journal tag thingie, but these are the questions that make me curious. I'm going to reply to the questions myself, just in case you're curious. I encourage you to elaborate on your answers, and not just list the names of the OCs that respond to that particular question, but I undestand if your time is limited, no worries!
I hope this spreads, even just a little. So without further ado, let's get on with the questions!"

How many OCs do you have? (post thumbnails here if you feel like)
Hundreds, possibly thousands. I don't really do fan art - there are probably fewer than 5 pieces of it in my entire gallery. That's because I make a point of drawing original characters, either my own or my friends'. On the RP side, I've been a roleplayer and GM/ST/DM/Whatever for almost 30 years, and I'm a pretty avid writer as well, so I've created over a dozen original settings either by myself or in collaboration, each with many inhabitants of my own creation. My Argent Passage project alone has hundreds of original characters in it. Sadly I don't draw nearly as much as I used to and so my skills in that area have deteriorated a bit (hoping to reverse that soon!), so a LOT of my OCs have no artwork to depict them. For the sake of brevity, I'll pick 5 (a nice arbitrary number) to post and talk about, limiting myself to a few that actually appear in this DeviantArt gallery.

Meet the characters!

Uhlrik Gunderit MaghOctavius by uhlrik
Filidh Uhlrik Gunderit MaghOctavius von Beck (Legend of the Archons). The latest (and now my favorite) of the many different iterations of Uhlrik, a character I've set in many different worlds and settings, but this is one from an original Renaissance-inspired fantasy setting. He's a member of the filidh caste (an itinerant bard/lorekeeper, basically), a berserker and wielder of the arcane Principle of Opposition, chosen by the Pillars of Occida to become one of the nine Archons.

Eel's Makeover by uhlrik Linda Mutation 2 WIP by uhlrik Linda Stage 2 Skulls WIP 2 by uhlrik Linda Lee State 5 of 5 by uhlrik
Here we have Eel, AKA Linda Lee, a really overcomplicated Dreamspeaker/Virtual Adept dual tradition Mage and adopted Uktena (originally Black Spiral Dancer) Kinfolk and former Fomor (Classic World of Darkness). I've put thumbnails that depict a couple of her different life stages (left is current technoshamaness mode, the middle two are from the brief advance of her mutation just before she was released and became human again, and last is her "main" fomoric mutated form.

Ashaad Headshot by uhlrik
Ashaad Aktarrha Khamaal ul-Tarrikh (Argent Passage). I really need to get around to creating a finished drawing of this guy, given that I've written a whole novel series' worth of stuff about him and his huge cast of extended relations, friends and foes already and it's still going strong. He's a very charming and flashy Ashari (tall, lanky goblin) warrior-princeling, diplomat, lover, trickster and reformer with a great adoration for scriptural and literary quotation. Man, this guy's fun.

Stone Fist by uhlrik
This is Pete Krieger, AKA Stone Fist (Capes). He's a super and a pretty serious brick, whom some of my friends described visually as sort of a cross between The Thing and Marv from Sin City. He's a retired, cynical, disillusioned and crusty former super-hero and military man that walked away from it all and is now trying to drown his bad memories and ignore how lonely and empty his life is, but his past refuses to stay in the past.

The Fiend by uhlrik

Mature Content

SAD: The Fiend by uhlrik

Brigitte von Teufel, AKA The Fiend, AKA Die Hexe and many other aliases and code names besides. She was originally created for a game of DC Super heroes set during World War II, but I've taken her in other directions since then, away from the super heroes thing and into a more dark urban fantasy milieu more reminiscent of Hellblazer and the Dresden Files. Brigitte is a hybrid human/demon sorceress who was a nazi agent during WWII but turned against the SS occultists that made her what she is, so she was an outright supervillainess that betrayed her own side in order to save her homeland. By the modern day, she has long abandoned mortal political ideologies like nazism as foibles of her foolish and narrow-minded mortal youth, unworthy of an immortal, and instead devotes herself to learning and the acquisition of occult lore.

Do you have a main/favorite OC amongst the ones you created? Who and why?
That would probably have to be Uhlrik. While the filidh version from LoA goes back about 5-6 years now, I've been tinkering with, playing, drawing or playing different iterations of this character that exist in different settings and AUs for 24 years now (several of which appear in my gallery). You might say we go way back. Heck, my DA account is named after the guy. Filidh!Uhlrik is presently my favorite one, though I still have a huge soft spot for OriginalWFRP!Uhlrik. The current Uhlrik iteration is a heck of a lot of fun, bringing in new bardic lorekeeper/singer elements to go with the prior barbaric warrior vibe, and it's fun bringing across the many contradictions of this character: barbaric yet educated, scary yet gentle, poetic yet warlike and so on. Plus, Opposition as a Principle is very enjoyable to roleplay, driving him on to be dissatisfied with the flaws in what is, and to push back obstinately yet creatively against what he sees as the wrongs that prevail about him. He's a social revolutionary among his own people, the quasi-fey Fomorians, but also a would-be peacemaker trying to build bridges with their age-old enemies and oppressors humanity, employing eloquence in both word and song right alongside his steely sinews and axe to effect change on a societal level.

Let's get to know your OCs by comparison:

Who is the tallest? (feel free to specify height, if you have thought it up)
Ashaad clocks in at about 6'9", so he towers over nearly everybody he meets including even his fellow Ashari (Not the Ugri though, but they're a trollish race so they cheat). At one point we jokingly mapped out the main Argent Passage cast to who they'd be if we dropped them into one of those silly high school AU's, and he was one of the eaasiest to place: the bad-boy foreign transfer student that's also a the basketball team's star player.

Who has the most striking and unique eyes?
Heh. This is always one of the questions with OCs somehow; It's like some sort of requirement in the fanfiction and amateur fiction writer worlds that characters have to have distinctive eyes. Of this list? Hm. Most of them are pretty striking, though not all of them are really unique. I'll go with Stone Fist, because his eyes are actually made out of living jade thanks to the magic that turned him superhuman. Brigitte's eyes are pretty normal blue until she starts wielding magic, at which point they start to turn milky white and blank for a while. Honorable mention goes to Ashaad, whose eyes are really big, brilliant yellow, slit-pupiled and almost totally overtaken with iris like a cat's since the Ashari are night-dwelling creatures.

Who is the strongest? And who is the most intelligent?
Strongest? That's Stone Fist's job: ol' Pete Krieger can throw tanks around, punch bad guys right through buildings and all that good comic book type stuff. He's definitely the top of this heap. Brigitte would take second place, what with her propensity for pulling tank hatches off with her talons. Sorry, Uhlrik: You're really, really buff and strong enough to break chains and smash through wooden doors... but you're in a world that works on a different scale than comic book-dom does. Poor goatlionboy.
Smartest? Probably Ashaad. Dude's got a terrifying intellect and a knack for staying several steps ahead, and he's a past master at playign the old Xanatos Speed Chess. Total Magnificent Bastard/Guile Hero (depending whether or not you consider this fellow a good guy). Brigitte's probably got as much raw brain power, but Ashaad thinks quicker on his feet.

Who has the most beautiful voice?
Another popular trait of OCs is amazing voices, yay! If we're talking singing voice, for this group it's got to be Uhlrik. Dude's a fey-blooded bard with a really deep, rich singing voice. His speaking voice is pretty awesome too; my writing partner on the LoA series accurately pointed out Michael Clarke Duncan as a good model for his speaking voice, though only in pitch - of course MCD's accent is entirely wrong since Uhlrik's people are sort of a mix of gaelic and germanic mythological cultures and myths. If we're talking speaking voice? Ashaad, hands down. Dude's voice is pure sex, often compared to liquid gold and honey spiced with cinnamon. It's occasionally said in-universe that women's clothes come off at the sound of his voice alone.

Who has the most troubled past?
Oh man. I'm pretty cruel to my major characters, so that would be a bit of a toss up if Linda weren't on this list; Eelgirl has got the others here beat big-time. Inbred girl raised in abject poverty among a family of twisted white trash cultists that worship the Defiler Wyrm? Check. Lots of really nasty physical, emotional and sexual abuse? Check check. A drug habit? Oh yes, though she's finally clean these days. Self harm? Linda's a longtime cutter and has repeatedly been on suicide watch, though she's finally doing better there. Being forced to pretend that the baby she bore at the age of fourteen is her little sister instead of her own daughter, but having to take care of the kid herself anyways since her own parents were basically wastes of skin? Check. Said daughter later getting kidnapped and Linda having a spirit made out of pure sentient misery shoved into the gaping wounds in her soul that all the above contributed to? Abso-freaking-lutely. I think I'll stop now, but I could keep going. Trauma conga line doesn't even begin to cover this girl's life up until her mid twenties. It would be funny if it weren't so absolutely horrible. Seeing her gradual faltering progress towards mental and emotional health and her embrace of akhilanda (the power of brokenness) to help her repeatedly reinvent herself and try to move on has been inspiring and often moving.

Who is the most selfless, and who is the most evil/selfish/malevolent/callous?
Uhlrik's the most selfless and altruistic; the guy's consciously on a quest to make the world a better place. He's trying to bring a measure of peace and understanding between his own Autumn-tainted Fomorian people and the other mortal speaking peoples of Occida.
As for the other evil/malevolent etc side, Brigitte's a merger between a human sorceress and a fury (demon of vengeance, retribution and punishment). Also, she's a former nazi that moved on from nazism not out of regret and the desire to become a better person, but because she decided that the utter failure of National Socialism has discredited it as a political philosophy. ALL mortals are inferior, so insofar as she's concerned there is no point in hating on one ethnic group more than another anymore, since doing so is akin to arguing over the comparative worth of red versus blue play-doh. So yeah, she's an easy lock for that one. Charming woman, really.

Who is the most thoughtful and/or erudite?
Ashaad Khamaal, as a positively labyrinthine philosopher-prince, is probably the most thoughtful, but he's nowhere near as erudite and educated as Brigitte von Teufel. The woman has spent most of the span from the late 1930s until today (with occasional interruptions for warfare and espionage) engaged mostly in academia. Under either her own name or several aliases, she has over a dozen different doctorates and habilitations in an assortment of fields like archaeology, anthropology, classical antiquity, ancient languages, religion and so on.

Who is the most impulsive and hot tempered?
That's not easy... both Brigitte and Uhlrik are prone to berserker rages if they're pushed hard enough, and Linda has only two speeds: stop and kill. Uhlrik's the most impulsive, plus it's easier to trigger his "dead-eyes" berserker state than Brigitte's more literal burning rage, so I'll go with him.

Which of your OCs is the one is the one you consider more revealing about yourself? And what does that OC reveal about you?
Uhlrik, bar none. I've always identified with the persecuted outsider that's just trying to help, the voice in the wilderness who follows his ideals in spite of the odds against anything coming of it. Plus he's got a sensitive, artistic soul and he tries to play the peacemaker.

Finally, tag up to five people from your friends list!
I tag
:iconaphicrys: :iconkimkhione: :iconcao-cao: :iconwarhammer-fanatic: :iconunyko: though they are of course free to disregard the tag if they like. ;)
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Wow, that's what I get for vanishing from DA again for a while... I totally missed some major stuff. First, one of my sculptures (Headless 3 - here -…) was awarded the 11/17/2010 Daily Deviation! Secondly, the requests that were sent for me to approve one of my sculptures being added to two different galleries here on DA. Needless to say, they've been approved now. I wish that this sort of thing generated an e-mail notice or something. But anyhow, a huge thank you to LabyrinthCreations for first featuring my work and to both of the gallerists that asked to display it afterwards! And which were they? Well, see below:

:icon4rtnow: - 4rtnow, a group focused on showcasing professionals here on dA. They were founded by :iconansheen:, and they display some exceedingly cool work. Give 'em some love.

:icondd-catalogue: - dd-catalogue, the home of Daily Deviations. You don't need me to tell you that they show some of the best of the best that DA has to offer. I'm honored and humbled to have a piece invited for display there.

I first posted that piece in 2006, and it is incredibly gratifying to have it noticed and appreciated at all, but especially some years after the fact, and despite the fact that I've been quiet on DA for a while now. It's incredibly encouraging, and hopefully it will inspire me to further and better efforts!
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Hey all, a certain very swell deviant :iconscumdog47: has converted and painted a miniature based on one of my pieces!

See their swell model at the following elegant and finely-crafted link: and also peruse the rest of their spifftacular gallery while you're at it. As has already been said, it's very swell indeed.

See the original Mutant Archer piece here:…
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So yeah, I fixed what was keeping my box from liking DA. Now to get caught up on all thsoe favs, comments etc. Yay on being able to access things! As for getting caught up... yay?
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It's been months since I've been able to access the comments on my work, my deviantwatch or any of the community-related features on this site. It just loads up blank. Bwuh?

More SAD

Thu Sep 4, 2008, 12:30 AM
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I don't really have anything funny to put in this header so I'll just put this sentence here instead.

While it has been a couple of days since I've posted anything, I'm still doing the SAD. The past couple of days have just been hardcopy and haven't gotten scanned.

That's all. ;)

This footer is almost as lame as the header was.


Tue Aug 19, 2008, 2:20 PM
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I don't really have anything funny to put in this header so I'll just put this sentence here instead.

So far, it's felt good to get going with a tablet-sketch a day. Of course, I'm only like 4 days in and all, but it's nice to be drawing more regularly again.

I'll be posting them at… as well as on my flickr account. I may or may not put them all here, but they'll definitely all go on flickr. We'll see how it goes.

This footer is almost as lame as the header was.


Sat Jul 26, 2008, 11:17 PM
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Meeting me is like a kick to the cerebellum. Trust me on this.

So I've finally begun the laborious process of breaking my gallery into categories. I'll eventually finish that.

Devious Journal Entry

Sat Jul 26, 2008, 12:15 AM
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Meeting me is like a kick to the cerebellum. Trust me on this.

1. Choose a few of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!
4. Then tag three people.

Okay then I choose:
Uhlrik (the iteration of him that I'm designing right now for Legend of the Archons, yet another game)

Who/What are you?
I am Uhlrik... a Fomorian.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I do not know. My mother has no other children... I do not know my father.

What's your height?
I am tall enough, I think (at well over 6'6", he's right)

How old are you?
I think... twenty summers.

Are you a virgin?

Who's your mate/spouse?
I do not have one at this time.

Do you have any kids?
*shrugs* No... I think.

What's your favorite food?

Have you ever killed anyone?
Many. It could be said... that is what I do.

Do you hate anyone?
Father, if he is alive.

Do you love anyone?
None living.

What is your job?
Not dying.

What do you do to relax?
I close my eyes and sleep. *he doesn't quite 'get' the question*

There's a person who's teasing you; what could you do?
Break him.

Let's say there's a person you really care about but she/he doesn't know your feelings. How do you tell her/him?
*tilts an ear slightly and regards the questioner quizzically, as if the question doesn't quite compute* I am alone. I shall remain so.

What kind of powers do you have?
My skills in hunting, woodcraft and battle.

What is your sexuality?
Men do not appeal to me.

I do not tag people. If you want to be tagged, then consider yourself tagged.


Fri Jul 25, 2008, 11:31 PM
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Meeting me is like a kick to the cerebellum. Trust me on this.

Just felt like updating this and mentioning that I'm going to be uploading some more stuff within the next few days (sketches mostly) and  I reinstalled my tablet driver so I'll be making some more finished stuff soon too. I'm working on some stuff that's got me kinda excited about art again, which is refreshing.

On Favorites

Sat May 10, 2008, 12:32 PM
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I don't have a header here. Deal with it.

I know I don't log in all that often, though I am fond of the ol' DA. However, this morning I was going through my message center and clearing stuff out, responding to messages and things (sorry for how long that took, btw!) and I noticed something that kinda surprised me.

Somebody favorited this piece… in my scraps. Getting a scrap favorited isn't the strange thing. The strange thing is that this particular scrap, which was a loose little doodle on lined paper, has managed to garner fourteen of them. That's more than all but one of the pieces in my regular gallery (this one… if you care to know).

I guess it's probably a combination of two factors that also contributed to the faves on the regular gallery post I've linked. They're both drawings of women and they're both from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Hence both have tags that are often searched by gamer sorts, and so they're probably more visible than a lot of my other pieces.

That is all. Just noticing and feeling like commenting on this interesting (to me) factoid.

How Are You Gentlemen!

Mon Jan 21, 2008, 2:05 PM
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You have no chance to survive make your time.

I'm basically posting because it feels good to actually put some art on ye olde DA again. That is all.

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That's right ladies and gentlemen! My beloved spouse and shown great mercy, love and compassion upon a poor suffering artist and bestowed upon me the princely gift of a WACOM intuos series tablet! Huzzah!

Now it's time to play...

Now playing: Rosencrantz & guildensterN - Castlevania Simon Belmont's Garage OC ReMix
via FoxyTunes
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So on Saturday, my painting of the LA Temple sold on auction. Yay!

I've auctioned my works before, but in the past it's only been prints (lino, mostly). This is the first time I've done it with a painting.

That feels good.

That is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled propaganda.
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*darkartificer featured my work on her "Surreal Sunday" feature.…

I'm touched. Thank you very much.
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Yes, I'm updating this from work, but mostly because I'm on my break and just randomly felt like doing so.

My new box is up and running, has been for a few days. Yay for a new computer!

Yay for connectivity!

Yay for me!

I should be providing some new art soon too. Keep your fingers crossed.

That is all.
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Updating this from the break room at work...

My computer at home is kaput, dead, slain, broken beyond help.  About a month ago it died and I fixed it temporarily... but last week it gave out permanently.

So, until I get a new one I'll have no consistent net access.  Hopefully that will be something like a week from now.

I'll see you when I see you.

I've got new art to scan and post, too. Bah.
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I downloaded it recently and have been fussing with it a bit, teaching myself its basics. So I'll post a few of the renders I spewed out over the past two days as I've been familiarizing myself. Whee.
I sent off the first paid commission of my post-school career. That's a good feeling, even if it isn't exactly going to make me rich.  Very validating.

I'll post it after the recipient gets their copy. It wouldn't do to scoop them, after all.