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The Prophet of Sentieri by uhlrik The Prophet of Sentieri by uhlrik
This guy is the Prophet of Sentieri, the founder of the Sentierist faith and therefore, less directly, of the Grand Church of Ysah, from my Legend of the Archons setting. He it was that drew the then-disparate nine archons together into one cooperative body after meditating atop the Colossus of Vision and feeling that Ysah the great God had called him to stand as that Principle's Archon and to expound the words which Ysah had spoken to him. In the setting's present day he's a figure of the distant past, and even his name is not known, for he refused to use it after his calling, maintaining that he himself was a mere messenger and representative, and the only one that truly mattered in the end was Ysah. Upon his brow here he bears an early form of the enneagram, a symbol which Sentierists use in several different configurations and to several different purposes, but always in one way or another representing the Thrice-Three Principles.

Here's another Sentieric Enneagram, along with the emblems of the Thrice-Three

It feels nice to have started setting pencil and pen to paper again. I've been out of the habit for so long, and I can tell my techniques have suffered. However many technical and compositional flaws this one has, it felt nice to dash it off while I was in the midst of doing other things, and I'm pleased with it for its own sake. Plus this is the first time I've taken on those weird quasi-radial-gradiant eyes that the Alanir (his race) have in a non-digital format. For a colored version of a different Alan, with eyes and all, see here:
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September 29, 2015
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