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Linda Lee State 3 of 5
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Here is #3 of 5 in my series of pics of miss Linda Lee, a character from the old World of Darkness that is currently part of a mixed (mostly Mage) group. She's a really messed-up Black Spiral Dancer Kinfolk woman who's had the misfortune of getting merged with/possessed by a Misery Bane. I guess in Mage terms she'd be a Consor because she's a non-Mage that is helping them fight Nephandi. Linda is with the mage cabal to further her own ends, rather than having any particular interest in the Ascension War as such.

As mentioned, this is a set of 5. That's because I created this piece essentially as a paper doll that would allow me to mix and match outfit elements to show a couple of the different looks that she puts together. I did this partially because I felt like it, partly because I was having trouble deciding what I wanted her to wear for this piece, and partly because I'm absolutely out of my mind. I'll put all but #1 up for prints, just on general principle.

Here we add a duster over the top of her outfit from the previous image. Yes, she just drapes it over her shoulders like a cape rather than wearing it like a normal person would.

Most of this imagery was created from scratch in CS3, but I did incorporate a rock texture and a circuit board texture that I found somewhere (I don't remember where, but they weren't from a deviant's gallery or I'd know and credit you!) Also, I used a very cool scale brush (this one -> [link] ) from :iconimaliea: to make that background more interesting. I didn't use it the way that she recommends, because I was using it to create more visual interest on a gradient background rather than trying to actually simulate scales. Cool brush though!

Also, I incorporated several preexisting glyphs from Werewolf: the Apocalypse. Botttom right: fomor. Bottom left: Wyrm. Top right: my own merger of the preexisting Kinfolk, Fomor and Black Spiral Dancer glyphs. Those all belong to White Wolf, obviously.

There are a couple of WIP versions of these in my scraps also, not that anybody's going to care. :-D
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