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This, is my first CSS journal, and as you see it's pretty simple i don't use menues on my journal and i hate scrolling windows/box even if i know most of you people adore that ugly stuff, cause it saves spaces, and it might be useful i will add one of those maybe in the future.

IF you want to modify something on this CSS or ADD something on it please; it would be useful if you'd share the CODE of your addition (just send me the addition in a note) so in case I like it, I will add it to the release and everyone will be able to choose

Credit goes to :
freevectors.net and ~InvisibleSnow

UPDATE: the image header has been resized cause it wasn't showing correctly when loading the complete journals.
The one i use as my journal is this image: [link] it's smaller, the one included in the CSS it's instead this one: [link] I seriously prefer the small one, but it gives problem with widescreen fullsize journals.
© 2007 - 2021 uh
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Awesome! I want to use it :)
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very great *O* I've featured here
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Using !!!

thank you!
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Your CSS design has been featured in this week's entry of my journal. :salute: I hope it's ok with you.
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Beautiful design :] I might use it.
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thank you for that fav :)
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so cool may i use
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sure, thank you
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How do u get the thing to work. I tried but all the codes and stuff just showed up
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Oh lol. I know that now, thanks anyways. I found that out after a long time of frustration:D
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you have to paste the complete text in the CSS box when you create a journal the css box it's after the Journal entry box...
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Great design! I can't wait to use it~ Thanks!
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thank you :D
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love the header :)
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thank you :D
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thank you
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Ciao!é un pò che non ci si sente...bel lavoro:D...adoro questo tipo di decorazioni, direi da ignorante che è vettoriale, piuttosto perchè io utilizzo Illustrator e so che risultati così puliti di solito li si ottengono con programmi vettoriali...complimenti ancora ;) bella idea e ottima grafica :clap:
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grazie :) so che è un pezzo che non ci si sente ho lavorato per un pò di giorni e adesso ho un esame tra circa una settimana, quindi sono un pò preso ho fatto un altro CSS completo che devo solo ritoccare un pò ed è bello che pronto.. solo che non ho voglia di lavorarci...strange days! :D
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