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The Guidelines
1.) As one of your characters answer the following
2.) Feel free to comment alongside your character as yourself, it adds to the fun and makes it more amusing to read x3
3.) It's easier to use one character at a time but if you want to do it again with another please feel free to ^^
4.) When answering don't feel like you have to tone down your characters. Do it all as you expect they really would if they were seriously answering these questions ^^
5.) Have fun
6.) Quiz created by: The-Bone-Snatcher
Be needin your name first: (( This Just Means I Want To Know The Name Of The Character You're Using If You Do The Quiz ))
..:: || Phase One, The Basics || ::..
What's your name?
Tae Yong Hozuki is the name and she's *points to me* is Kiteu my Creator
What are you?
I'm a human ~Uh huh sure you are sharky~
How old are you?
It's been almost 2 months since I came to Kiteu's strange mind ~He's actually almost 20 but he act like he's 5~
What's your height/weight?
I'm a little over a
:iconkitsunenoshinderu:KitsuneNoShinderu 1 0
Awkward Genes [Peter Parker x Reader] Part 5
“Hey-!” you shrieked, your heart thumping both from the fear and the running. Tears sprung to your eyes as he placed a cool, rubbery palm just over your mouth to muffle your scream.
So, this is it, you thought as you were practically being dragged away deeper into the alleyway. This is how I’ll die. Goodbye, Mom. Goodbye Da--
“Okay, once I let you go, promise to keep quiet. Those guys are still around.” He murmured to you as he settled besides a dumpster with his arm wrapped around your shoulders. You had to strain your ears to hear the muffled voice telling you what to do even though his face was right by your ear.
You remained silent, taking in a few sniffs of the air only to heave against his palm. The putrid smell of spoiled milk and rotten eggs among other ghastly things invaded your nostrils to the point that you would have very much accepted this guy to cover your entire face with open arms as long as he stifled the smell of garbage. You whined agai
:iconcanerdia:canerdia 80 18
(Peter Parker/Spider-Man x Reader) You Matter
  You grip the straps of your backpack before you enter the school. The last couple of weeks have been rough for you at home and everyone calls you a drug addict or a drunken hoe, because you don’t always look glamorous when you go to school. They don’t understand that you’re helping your mom with your older brother who's recently been in a car wreck.
  It’s been quite rough with the late nights and constant homework you have to catch up on. You pull on your hood to hide your face. You’re happy it’s fall season, because you would have no other excuse to wear a hoodie. You really hope they will at least tone down the teasing today. You’re running on two hours of sleep and you are in no mood to be made fun of.
  You swiftly make it to your locker and exchange books from your backpack to your locker. Just as you zip up your backpack an arm swings over your shoulder. You flinch and begin to push off the arm.
  “Heya [n/n]!
:iconwriters-mile:Writers-Mile 97 7
Awkward Genes [Peter Parker x Reader] Part 4
Maybe you had taken the wrong turn in your haste to get away from Peter.
Or maybe it was the fact that you forgot that he had taken you to a part of the city you never bothered to venture before and had completely forgotten to ask him to at least take you home after you snapped at him.
None of that really mattered now since it was nearing 8 PM and you still hadn’t made it home. It had been almost been 3 hours since school let out and almost 2 hours since you decided to ditch Peter outside the yogurt joint.
Once again, you had let your emotions get in the way of letting you react logically to the fact that you didn’t know where the hell you were going after turning your back on the brunette. Your pride and anxiety didn’t let you ask for directions when the sun was still out along with other people. And sometime during that, you had decided to take what you thought was a ‘right’ turn only for it to be wrong. Pun intended.
Now you were in a neig
:iconcanerdia:canerdia 54 8
Peter Parker x Reader High School Crush
High School Crush
Request for Madness
It was amazing how easy it was to conceal your inner super and lead on a normal life. You’d managed twelve years of public school and real friends, sleepovers and sharing lunches. No one suspected a thing.
You’d even had crushes and boyfriends. None of them had worked out – either they didn’t share your feelings, or they were too immature for a high school relationship. You shrugged off every rejection and breakup, telling yourself that your guy was out there, and for now, you’d focus on your friends, your schoolwork, and graduation.
You developed a crush on a certain snarky brunette, with whom you shared almost every class. You were certain he had a thing for Gwen Stacey, the most beautiful girl in school, but that didn’t stop you from being his friend.
You tried to ignore this growing crush, reminding yourself to focus on school and your secret life of helping innocent bystanders, and to
:iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 47 2
Mr. Lonely- Peter Parker x Reader
    Exiting your last class of the day as the bell rings, you weave your way through the crowded halls.  You block out everyone's voices with the music that was blaring through your earbuds.  It was finally Friday, and you just wanted to get home.  However, you change your course as you spot your friend, Peter.  Popping your earbuds out, you jog to catch up with him.  It wasn't hard to get a hold of him since he was walking aimlessly at a lifeless pace.  A frown cuts across your lips as you get a glimpse of his face.  He was looking at the ground with sadness and anger.  His head snaps up as you place a hand on his shoulder.
    "Hey, Pete," you greet happily, matching your pace to his.  He nods, quietly greeting you in return.  You wanted to ask what was wrong, but you knew he wouldn't tell you.  Trying to clear the air, you clear your throat and replace the frown on your face with a smile.
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 58 4
Math Equations (Peter Parker X Reader)
"AGH!" You groan, slamming your head down on your book.  "I don't understand it, Peter.  I don't think I ever will."
You and Peter had been doing math homework for the past hour.  No matter how he tried to explain it, it just didn't click.  He had been tutoring you for weeks and you still felt no closer.  He chuckled at you from across the table.  You peek up at him from your faceplant.
"(y/n), don't give up."  He smiles at you.  "You're really smart.  I know you can get this."  You turn your head back into your book to hide your sudden blush.  The weeks of tutoring with Peter may not have helped with your math skills, but it certainly affected your feelings.  Laughing with Peter is your favorite past-time.  He is so adorable.  His shaggy brown hair, his deep brown eyes, and those cute glasses!  You didn't think he would ever like you though.  Despite being quite the jokester, he remained strictly professio
:iconlokiisawesomest:lokiisawesomest 67 8
You Never Can Tell (Peter Parker X British!Reader)
"Class, this is our British transfer student, (Y/N) (L/N). As you know, Tara Wilde has left to spend a few years in rural England and pursue a veterinary career, and (Y/N) here has kindly agreed to swap with her. Would you like to tell us a little about yourself, (Y/N)?"
I nodded nervously. Having only arrived in America two days ago, I still had no idea what to expect from the students in NY city.
"Um, I'm (Y/N). I grew up in Devon in a farming community. I've just completed my GCSEs a year early and so I'm at about the same level as you, though I'd appreciate some help catching up!"
The class full of sixteen and seventeen year olds looked at me blankly and so I turned to the teacher who had introduced me. He smiled, and gestured to the empty seat. I took it.
"Hi, I'm Peter," the boy next to me whispered. Smiling at the acknowledgement, I took out the textbook I had been sent and asked quietly,
"Which page are we on?"
Peter helped me all through the lesson, and he could tell that I wa
:iconwhatchartreusesays:whatchartreusesays 13 0
Awkward Genes [Peter Parker x Reader] Part 3
You had to keep repeating to yourself that this was in fact not a date despite Peter not giving you a straight answer when you made the mistake of assuming it was. However, it was becoming difficult to believe it wasn’t when you two kept staring at each other from across the table while eating frozen yogurt. Okay, most of the staring was done by you, but it was completely unintentional. Your eyes would flicker away when he’d glance up at you from his pistachio yogurt. There was no way in hell you were going to let him catch you marveling at the way his eyebrows knitted together or the way his eyelashes brushed at his cheekbones when he blink or maybe how—Holy shit, your crush on Peter was evolving faster than a Pokémon.
How often did this type of thing happen? It sounded like some kind of bad rom-com movie where you were playing the character that happened to fall in love with a total stranger - despite seeing each other around since middle school. Even if
:iconcanerdia:canerdia 113 10
Peter Parker x Reader ~ Prom
School prom. Last school prom you would ever have and you had no one to come with. You had a perfect dress, perfect mask, everything you needed. But not a companion. Your boyfriend broke up with you few hours ago, I guess you got a lesson not to date Flash Thompson ever again. You didn’t love him, you couldn’t, seeing what he was doing to other students and your friends, but at least you could help them a little bit by calming Flash down. But few hours ago was different. You were trying to help a little kid Flash bullied and your boyfriend saw you. He got pretty angry and broke up with you. By punching you in the face. Now you had an ugly bruise on your cheek. You were sitting in your room, in too big shirt and leggins, crying on your bed silently. That was until you heard someone knocking to your door.
„(Y/N)? Are you in here?” ‚Peter? Shit!’ Now you had a problem. You would never wanted your best friend and old crush to see you like this. You wiped
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 71 3
Wildest Dreams (Peter Parker x Reader)
You knew it was stupid, but it was unavoidable. It was a long walk to your favorite art store and naturally you lost track of time. In fact you stayed until they closed at nine. Then there was the three-hour walk home.
So here you were walking the streets of Queens at eleven o’clock at night. Of course it had to be foggy and slightly rainy just to add to the ominous feeling. The puddles gushed under your converse as you pulled your hoodie closer to your body.
You weren’t the only one with a hoodie and a man behind you emerged from the shadows wearing a black one with his hood up. At first you told yourself not to panic because this was way too cliché to actually happen. As his distance became shorter and shorter you thought again.
You picked up your pace and you could hear that he did too. There was no doubt now, he was following you. Your speed walking turned into running and so did the man’s. The streets were completely empty and if you could outrun the man you
:iconcaptainpeggy40:CaptainPeggy40 168 17
Smart (Peter Parker x Reader)
You watched him silently from across the theatre. It wasn’t meant to be creepy but you couldn’t help but stare. His smile was radiant and he stood tall with confidence. Well as much confidence as a dork could have.
“Y/n” Liz called from the stage. “You’re up”
You were alarmed that the place you were to take was right next to the boy you were starting at. You made your way up to the stage awkwardly and took a seat next to the brunette.
“Alright everyone this is Y/n she’s new to decathlon let’s give her a warm welcome” Liz said starting to clap as everyone joined in.
“Hi, I’m Peter” The boy said quietly as he leaned over and shook your hand.
“Nice to meet you” You smiled as you retuned his handshake but had to turn away in a desperate attempt to hide your blush.
“Alright” Liz said holding up her question card. “Using mental math what is seven thousand nine hundred fifty-three
:iconcaptainpeggy40:CaptainPeggy40 84 19
Awkward Genes [Peter Parker x Reader] Part 2
You made a fool of yourself that day. There was no doubt in your mind that told you otherwise. Yet you still managed to make Peter laugh, though you were assuming it was because he was feeling uncomfortable when you began to accuse him of stalking you.
Well, it turned out that you two had been attending the same schools since middle school. Who would have thought, eh? Throughout the rest of that class, you had completely dismissed the classwork you two were supposed to complete to try to gather up all the thoughts from middle school to at least figure out if what he said was true.
You had looked over at him when from the corner of your eye you could see he was trying to hide the uncomfortable look on his face. The look of complete concentration vanished from your face as you turned to him.
“What’s with the look?” you demanded.
He looked back at you and it looked like he was trying his hardest not to seem rude. “It’s just that… Do you need to g
:iconcanerdia:canerdia 135 9
Confessions (Peter Parker x Reader) One shot
After the events of Spider-Man Homecoming (so look out for spoilers!)

It was a cool Friday afternoon in Queens as you were making your way across the street from the subway to the little apartment your best friend, Peter, shared with his aunt. He had been very busy lately with his Stark Internship and after he had left you and Ned alone on Homecoming night to do Gods knew what, you had been more than a little angry. Not just because he clearly wasn’t telling you something, but also because he was acting like a complete dickhead. Ditching Liz was just one of the many things he had done lately.
     He couldn’t know of course that your anger had more to do with jealousy than anything else.
     Even though you had been friends for as long as you could remember, you had started to have feelings for Peter ever since spending that one night together alone in his room two years ago when Ned had called sick to one of your monthly mov
:iconsavrom:savrom 247 47
Study- Peter Parker x Reader
    "You know the answer to number 16?" you ask, turning to face your best friend, Peter.  You were currently working on homework together in his room.  You had been pacing around as you skimmed your textbook for the answer you simply couldn't find.  Sitting on his bed, Peter looks as if he had just been shaken out of a trance by your question.  His eyes widen slightly, a subtle shake of his head as he moves his gaze from you to his book. 
    "Um..," he mumbles, searching his paper, "No, sorry."  He gives you a tiny sheepish smile and a shrug as you groan. 
    "C'mon, Pete! You're supposed to be the smart one!" you joke, plopping into the chair at his desk.  He chuckles along with you, looking nervously at his paper.  16!? he asks himself, How's she on 16 already?!  He glances at the clock.  Seeing the time, he realizes the question he should be asking i
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 142 15
Classmates - Peter Parker x Reader
Walking out of your history class, you smiled with satisfaction as you placed your test into your backpack. You went to your locker, putting the books you didn't need inside. You sighed as you looked at your phone, feeling it vibrate in your palm. Glancing at the phone screen, you looked at the text which happened to be from your mother.
Message: Honey, can u get some spinach from the store on the way home?You smiled as you replied, quickly stuffing your phone into your bag.
Reply: Yep! I'll get it after school. cya!You sighed as you started to make your way to your last class which happened to be English. You were very fond of the reading and writing portion but you also liked to take naps in that class as well. Mrs. Zoe was a very old person so it was very hard for her to hear and see somebody sleep in her class. Most of the class sleeps in her class anyways, finding that it was almost like a free period. You walked in, taking your seat which was placed in the back.
"Hey [ f/n ]. Wha
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 328 11


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