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The Meeting|Sanders Sides x Reader
"Hey can I talk to you all for a moment, please?" Thomas asked as he walked into the room, hoping that his Sides weren't too busy with their duties.
"I suppose I have the time," Logan sighed, being the first to appear.
"You called~?" Roman smirked as he strolled in next.
"Haha! Of course, kiddo!" Patton chuckled as he popped out of the kitchen, munching on some cookies.
"Just make it quick," Virgil grumbled by the stairwell.
"Fantastic," Thomas began, smiling as he clapped his hands together. "So we're gonna shoot a video later and my friend, [y/n], is coming over to help us out. They also really wanted to meet you all in person an-"
But he didn't get to finish his statement, as the moment he mentioned someone wanting to meet them, all of the Sides began to talk at once.
"That so?"
"I'd be honored to meet them~"
"Oh goody! A new friend!"
"You mean we're meeting a total stranger?"
"Can I finish?" Thomas spoke up. They fell silent, allowing him to continue. "Thank you, so anyway I
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Like a Fairytale|Prince Ending
"I choose Roman."
Upon hearing his name, the prince looked up, his eyes lighting up with joy. "Yes!" He shouted, fist-pumping the air, though a moment later he cleared his throat to recompose himself.
"I mean..I am honored to have been selected by you, my dear~" Turning to you, a gentle smile graced his features. You blushed a bit in response. 'Welp, there's definitely no going back on that decision.'
" just had to go for the cheesy guy, didn't you?"
Roman quickly snapped his head over to Virgil. "Shut it, peasant!" He snapped. "I will no longer stand for your-!!" But he stopped mid-sentence when he felt your hand take his own.
"Yes my darl-?" His breath hitched when he looked back at you and gazed into your eyes briefly. Anxiety grumbled something else but Roman was too entranced to care. You then flashed a smile at him, which made his heart melt all over again.
"How about we head back to your palace?" You suggested, your tone of voice smoot
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The Dad-Friend|Patton Ending
"How about Patton?"
Almost immediately, Patton squealed with happiness as he jumped up and hugged you. "Yaaaaay!! Thank you! Thank you! I was hoping you'd pick me!"
Giggling, you hugged him back, before letting go and looking at the others. "Sorry guys, but I promise I'll make it up to you all next time," you told them.
"No worries, [y/n]," Logan replied back as he sank down.
"As long as you're happy, dear," Roman followed suit, smiling as he did so.
"Good luck dealing with all his puns," Virgil grumbled as he disappeared from view. That left only you, Thomas, and Patton left in the room.
"Well...that turned out better than I expected," Thomas mused.
You nodded in agreement, before turning to Patton with a smile on your face. " what do you wanna do, Pat?"
The Side blinked several times. "Oh! Right! you see..ah..." He adjusted his glasses, albeit nervously. "..I don't know if Thomas would allow me to think I can hang out at your house?"
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Study Buddy|Logic Ending
" about you, Logan?" You asked the intellectual Side.
But when you looked over, he seemed too occupied with sorting out his flash cards to notice that you had chosen him. Virgil huffed in annoyance, crumpling up a piece of paper he found on the ground into a ball before chucking it at Logan's head.
"Hey, Harry Potter!"
"Wha- ah!! You buffoon!!" Logan snapped angrily as he almost dropped all of his cards. "Why on earth would you do tha-"
"You completely ignored [y/n] when they chose you," Virgil told him. "You think that's a good enough reason?"
For a few moments, the intellectual Side blinked, before his anger vanished as he glanced over at you. "You..did? Oh I'm t-terribly sorry..I..I just wasn't expecting you to choose, of all people, me," he fumbled over his words, adjusting his glasses nervously as he put his cards away. 
"Well, I did." You chuckled a bit, giving him a smile 
"...are you sure you don't want to reconsider your option?" He asked. "Becau
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No Worries|Anxiety Ending
"I'll go with was his name, right?"
Thomas and the other Sides stared at you, shocked, before they slowly turned to Virgil, who didn't seem to be paying attention.
"Yo Virge," you called to him, causing him to quickly glanced up at you.
"What is it? Or...more importantly why are you all staring at me?" He asked, raising an eyebrow as he glanced around the room in confusion.
"It would appear that [y/n] has chosen you... if you were paying attention," Logan informed, mildly scolding him.
Virgil's eyes widened in surprise as he looked back at you, before narrowing. "Really? Of all people you'd rather hang out with boring old me?"
You nodded, giving him a smile. He sighed, rolling his eyes. "Fine..I guess it's gonna be what it's gonna be". He stood up from his spot on the stairwell, brushing the dirt off his pants before walking over to you.
"Awwwww our little Virgie is finally coming out of his shell~!" Patton cooed, although he froze when he saw Virgil stop and t
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