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I thought I'd post this just in case anypony is waiting anxiously for Heart of Silver chapter 4...

Tuesday evening, my computer's hard drive failed. I spent the rest of the day attempting to wrangle a few precious files from it and eventually succeeded in saving the draft of chapter 4 among other things. It was on an SD card and I placed it safely out of the way while I worked on other things.

Yesterday my parent sprung for a new computer. That's what I'm using now. Unpacking it turned my room into a disaster area.

I've been trying to revive the dead computer using it's USB boot feature. I have several SD cards, all of which look alike. So I picked one off the desk and went to work.

I just now discovered, much to my dismay, that the one I picked to format and use for booting the broken computer was unfortunately the one with the backups on it.

This means that I officially lost everything when the hard drive died, including the ~4,000 word draft.

So if you're waiting for the next update, it's gonna be a while.
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October 20, 2011


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