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Today begins my Drawtober / Inktober challenge!

As planned, I'll be uploading my top 30 Robot Masters (+ favorite Wily Machine) from the Mega Man Classic series at a rate of one per day throughout October. Note that I'm not drawing them in any order -- these are my favorites out of the ~90 Robot Masters we've seen in the series.

That said there is one small difference from the original plan. I was going to do this by drawing everything traditionally, followed by cleaning them up on the computer. When I started touching up the first few, I discovered that I could easily use the parts I've already done to draw almost all of the characters easily. So, while there were some pencil sketches that started things off, I'll be finishing the series via my usual vector graphics tools, and I think it'll look better as a result.

It turns out that this theme is also quite timely, as word has it that Mega Man 11 is scheduled for release this month!

So let's take some time to celebrate our favorite Super Fighting Robot!

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MYPeanutGallery Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018
Yeah Megaman! I'll be Watching for your art! :D
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October 1, 2018