Preparing for Rocktober 2018
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Recently, I've been spending a lot of time over on Tumblr, and within the last week or so a certain article has been going around. This article basically says that children's art is meant to be disposable. They make it, you go "oooh" and "ahh", and then you place it lovingly in the garbage.

To put it mildly, none of the parents I follow on Tumblr are remotely happy about this "advice". Quite a few found some interesting language to describe their thoughts on the matter.

I had a better idea.

This time of year is often a time of being extra creative. You have NaNoWriMo, Inkober, Drawtober, etc. So, let's bring up some positive vibes and play around like we did when we were bored at school.

In my case, I spent my time doodling characters or items from various NES & SNES games -- mostly stuff from the Kirby, Mega Man, and Zelda franchises. This October, I'm going to break out the pencil and paper and draw like I used to. I might touch the results up via the software I use nowadays, but since I rarely do traditional art anymore, this is going to be an event.

The plan is simple: I'll spend a little time every day to sketch out my top 30 Robot Masters from the Mega Man franchise. Hence, Rocktober -- Mega Man is known as Rock Man in Japan, and it's catchier than Megatober. Of course, there are 31 days in October, so for the final slot I'll produce an image of my favorite Wily Machine.

I'd also like to invite anyone who's willing to relive a bit of their childhood, and spend October doodling like you did when you were young.
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I'll be Watching! :D And, IMHO, parents should never throw their childrens' art away.