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Rocktober #9: Star Man by uguardian Rocktober #9: Star Man by uguardian
Serial Number: DWN-037
Designer: Dr. Wily
Weapon: Star Crash

Mega Man 5 toyed with the idea of levels having different amount of gravity. Star Man's stage is one example, as the entire level had unusually low gravity due to being set on an abandoned satellite. This both works for and against Mega Man, as it makes it easier to dodge Star Man's attacks and much easier to accidentally touch spikes on various ceilings.

The Star Crash is also one of the unusual weapons in the series. It's a barrier like Wood Man's Leaf Shield, but it uses weapon energy differently than any other special weapon. It costs no energy to deploy the barrier; instead, it uses up energy when the barrier is damaged or is projected away from Mega Man. Thus, you can actually deploy this weapon without enough energy to fire it. Personally, I mainly use it to get through Crystal Man's stage. As usual, one of the other bosses in Mega Man 5 takes extra damage when hit by the Star Crash, but since he's also one of the easiest Robot Masters in the game, I never bother switching weapons.

Of course, Star Man also suffers from the dubious honor of making one appearance in the Mega Man cartoon. Namely, the episode where everybody gets turned into furries, aka the one episode that everybody watching the show actively attempts to suppress.
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