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Rocktober #6: Cut Man by uguardian Rocktober #6: Cut Man by uguardian
Serial Number: DLN-003
Designer: Dr. Light
Weapon: Rolling Cutter

Cut Man's reason for existing was to cut timber. He's basically the robot lumberjack. However, he's also the best example of how Dr. Light can't design for scrap. His cutting tool is on top of his head. When he fells a tree, he has to bend over. Not only is this an awkward way to perform his primary function, it also means that he can't see what he's attempting to cut!

Slightly improving this is the detail that the cutting blade can be detached and thrown like a boomerang. While this does mean he can at least watch what he's doing, there are still two major problems that should've been caught in the planning stages. Firstly, he can't control where the blades go after throwing them. That's kind of a big safety hazard. Secondly, it also means he can only use one blade at a time. If the blade gets lodged in something, he can't do much about it.

Fortunately, the second situation isn't very likely. You see, the cutting blade is one of the five uses of ceratanium in the Mega Man Classic series. Like Wolverine's adamantium claws, the Rolling Cutter should slice through just about anything like a hot knife through butter.

Which just brings me back to his inability to control the darn thing...
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October 6, 2018
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