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Rocktober #4: Magnet Man
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By uguardian   |   Watch
Published: October 4, 2018
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Serial Number: DWN-018
Designer: Dr. Light & Dr. Wily
Weapon: Magnet Missile

Magnet Man is something of an enigma in my eyes, as his stage, weapon, and combat style are just a little off.

To be more specific, there are three places of note in his stage in Mega Man 3. In the first area, Mag Flies try to make it difficult for you to manuever. However, there's a hidden Mag Fly that you can trigger by heading to the left. Allowing this Mag Fly to attract Mega Man is pretty amusing -- Mega Man will simply be carried across the entire first part of the stage like he hitched a ride on a tram. Secondly, this is one of the few stages where Proto Man appears. Lastly, there's a jumping block puzzle making up a third of the stage; it seems to be tailor made for you to use Rush Jet.

The Magnet Missile is also a little odd. In a game where every enemy is a robot, you'd think having a bomb attached to a magnet would be an incredibly effective weapon. However, the reality is that nearby everything in the game reflects the missiles harmlessly, making them pointless save for the few bosses that are specifically designed to be weak to them.

THEN there's his fighting style, which drastically needs work. He can only shoot when he's clinging to the ceiling. In theory, that's a good idea, as he's out of range of most of Mega Man's weapons and the Magnet Missiles can change direction when they pass over a possible target. In practice, this just means that you can slip underneath him and all of his attacks completely miss.

To paraphrase the Insane Clown Posse, "Fricking magnets, how do they work?!"
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