Rocktober #10: Top Man
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Serial Number: DWN-021
Designer: Dr. Light & Dr. Wily
Weapon: Top Spin

To the surprise of a lot of people, Top Man is one of my favorite Robot Masters from the Mega Man Classic series. His "weapon" gets a lot of flack, as it's little more than spinning in place really quickly. It's also bugged, as it doesn't properly handle invincibility frames. This means you can use ALL of the weapon's energy in one attack without doing much damage. Of course, in order to attack something with Top Spin, you have to have Mega Man ram them while he spins, and thanks to the bugs in the game's code, this usually means Mega Man takes a lot of damage from your attempt.

However, this joke of a weapon has a very powerful secret: the final boss of Mega Man 3, the giant robot Gamma, can be defeated in one hit if you can land the Top Spin on Dr. Wily's window. It's like Mega Man just says "screw this" and physically yanks the evil scientist right out of the control seat.

Top Man might be considered a joke, but it's the final boss who's the real laughingstock.

Also, Top Man's stage is like an evil disco, and that's awesome.
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