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Cure Melody

Decided to go back and color my warmup sketch from this morning ❛‿❛

It's almost more pink than my body has room for. But then I remember that it's Cure Melody and that makes it okay. I guess this was bound to happen after binging on PreCure stuff all weekend.

Also yay for this AMV;

I really enjoy all the Pretty Cure stuff, in a totally non-pervy way. What's not to like about tough, cute girls saving the world with fun music and great animation? I love how brawly they are. I always look forward to new transformation sequences and stuff and those lovely big orchestrated attacks. Maybe I'm predisposed to liking PreCure because of all that exposure to Sailor Moon back in the 90's.

Yea I'm some old dude. And I love PreCure. Come at me ಠ_ಠ

J/K I <3 you all ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ

Cure Melody and PreCure belongs to Toei Animation and stuff
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Wow, she's very cute. And the way you toned the colors down she is not even that pink anymore. I think it looks good :)

I really like how you draw her hair ^^
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Thanks ^ ^

I'm glad the colors look that way to other people haha, I'm never sure which of my two monitors has more correct color and I can never get them quite the same. On one screen she was a lot more vibrant, on the other more muted (which I prefer, so yay!) ╹◡╹
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Oh my gosh this is so cute!! You did an amazing job on her Omg so cute 
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Hehe thanks, I'm glad to hear that I did her justice since she's one of my favorites ╹◡╹
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Your welcome =3 
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