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font: headthinker

UPDATE: An updated version of the Headthinker font can be found here [link]

The updated version now contains accents and other additions.


My very first attempt at designing my own font. Started off as me trying to make a few custom letters to go on a t-shirt design [link] ithnkerfoam was all I needed but I ended up with a whole damn font!

Best used with a large font size due to the tight letter spacing!

Was inspired by the all lowercase Olympiques font which I was originally going to use for my t-shirt design.

You can see the t-shirt design with this font being used here


~ Ugghh

Files Included
headthinker.ttf (TrueType version)
headthinker.otf (OpenType version)

How to Install
Windows Users: Copy font file to C:/Windows/Fonts
(Replace C: with your own drive letter if different)

Mac Users: erm...not sure about this one ;)

Characters Included
a-z (all letters are lowercase)
. , ; :
! ? &
‘ ’ “ ”
# ~ _
+ - * + =
% ^ < >
( ) [ ] { }
£ $ €
© ® °

I may try to include accented characters in the next version if anybody requests them.


Criticisms and Suggestions for future improvements welcome.
© 2009 - 2021 Ugghhzilla
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nice and clean!
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Thank you very much razestyruss. Glad you like the font.
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really nice!
oh, please include å ä ö. They shouldnt be very hard to include :)
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Thanks Botemedlet!
When I get a spare five minutes I'll try have a go at throwing in the accented characters (starting with the ones you requested of course) ;)
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Great :) Used it here [link]
Ugghhzilla's avatar

Cheers for showing me how you used the font Botemedlet! Very much appreciated! :D
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Really good work.
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Thanks reddartfrog! First time I've made a font so the feedback is much appreciated!
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cheers modifucka
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