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March 19, 2010
Suggester said ":LoveYourLimitations: by =Ugghhzilla is an awesome animation and a lovely message." I'd like to add that if you have this mindset, you can really do wonderful stuff! Also suggested by ~HappyAggro.
Featured by catluvr2
Suggested by Synfull
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...based on something I wrote a few weeks ago. I don't know why but I just had an urge to animate it...somehow.

I didn't realise it when I started making it but it turns out this is the first emoticon that I've managed to finish in a few years.

I almost forgot how satisfying (and frustrating) it can be to animate down on the pixel level. :D

- Ugghh
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SayEeda19's avatar
Favorite icon ever :3 . I think it is simple but unique I just love how you have a great imagination. That animation melted my heart when I first saw it and it still does every time I see it! ^_^ 
wolfie0829's avatar
i believe that if you are sad you just need to look at this
Gold-Midnight-Songs's avatar
This is my favorite emote that I've seen. It's inspirational and just perfect <3
SkyPenguin11's avatar
I have a question...
...since I'm not a premium member, I can't put this in my comment signature. Would you mind if I made a plz account of this? (Just an account with this as the avatar)...because then I'd be able to put it in my comment signature...if you didn't mind me doing that, that is...XD :D
Fainalotea's avatar
I love this so much
KururuRyu's avatar
Aqualoop31's avatar
wow!!! excellent! congratulation on the DD!
LaurenOliviaLee's avatar
Wow! This is really inspirational~ May I use it as a Avi pic?
Ugghhzilla's avatar
Aww thanks. Yeah feel free to use it Lauren :)
H4XF4XTOR's avatar
dude...this is totally cool..can you make more of this...its like motivational emote.. you're bringing new style of emote..i love it
if you could make more of this..that would be totally awsome
Ugghhzilla's avatar
Thanks for your kinds words H4XF4XTOR. If I get any more ideas in this style I'll certainly have a go at making them but when and if that will happen I do not know. Thanks again though :)
H4XF4XTOR's avatar
great...take ur time :D
MiniM0nsters's avatar
So good o.o
And such beautiful writing :')
Ugghhzilla's avatar
Awww...thanks Sid!
Zrllosyn's avatar
this is really nice!!
Ugghhzilla's avatar
Thanks Zrllosyn :D
Zrllosyn's avatar
youre welcome ^^ my pleasure
kishka-iver's avatar
May I use this as my avatar? :meow:
Ugghhzilla's avatar
Yes certainly. Feel free ithimiuchiha :)
kishka-iver's avatar
Krissi001's avatar
    :heart::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred:   :woohoo: HAI THERE! :woohoo::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpink::heart:

                    This Emoticon has been featured in the
                      Favourite Emotes of 2010 -Part 1-
                                     News Article

Ugghhzilla's avatar
Ahhhh awesomeness!!! Thanks for the feature Krissi :D
Darketh90's avatar
i'm so glad this got a DD ^^
i see a lot of crap that makes DDs
but this is definitely NOT one of them ^^
amazing job :D very inspirational
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