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Hey so I'm experimenting a new style for chibis and I'm wondering if it's gonna be liked or not so yeah, here's something really cheap and I'm not sure when I'll be closing this so yeah haha


Viktuuri by ufo-galzChibi by ufo-galzSakura Copy by ufo-galz
I can draw: OC / Fanart / Humans / Nekomimi
Extra characters/ pets: +$1
All are digitally coloured and with a simple background!

Tiny Strawberry Pixel ADDITIONAL INFO! Tiny Strawberry Pixel 

-Payment method: PayPal bullet / Points (USD$1 = 100 dA points)
-All will be done within 2 weeks.
-Finished artwork will be uploaded to dA and linked to the client.
-Payment in advance.
-Major changes after sent sketch is charged.

[i]: potted sprout pixel SLOTS [i]: potted sprout pixel
1. wallmask3 (completed)
2. ChoralSeashelle (completed)
3. xX-Hailstorm-Xx (completed)
4. APurpleBin (completed)
5. QueenOfTragedy (completed)
6. Yukana-chan (completed)
7. kgrnet (completed)
8. theonemiyon (completed)
9. adorablush (completed)
10. eunamiku (completed)
EDIT: It's currently closed~ Will probably be open again at year end! So don't miss out~
EDIT: Please be patient 'cuz I have quite a list now :D

:shuffelin: I'm doing this just for fun haha before it's time for me to study for my year end IGCSEs.
I also realized that I have like nearly 350 watchers now omg Thanks for the support!!!:worship: revamp2 
So I shall take this opportunity to connect with people through art while I still can this year!
What do I offer?
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Chibis
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Waist-up/ Portrait with my normal style look at my gallery for ref
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Able to draw girls better haha
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Nekomimi, Humanoid etc.

What I can't do?
x Buff guys
x Furry
x Mecha
x Explicit/NSFW

Woop so just comment or note me your OC or characters you want me to draw, and I shall note you back if I decide that I want to draw them~ Just so you'd know, I'll be choosing ><
There aren't any rules for this, but it'd be nice if you decided to watch me haha~
If I didn't choose to draw your character, please don't be offended or anything. I'm just choosy lol. No hard feelings :D
Here's my OC:: Calypso and Loe
note me if you want more details and stuff

Annoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon That's all~ Have a nice day Victory Dance Revamp </b>
The title says it all! :D I accept both paypal and dA points~
All of the money earned will be used to help pay for my school fees so that it would lessen the burden of my parents (so it would be better to commission by paypal, but I still do accept dA points!) I don't have a specific target to reach but it would be the more the merrier >< So it would be nice if you guys would help share this out~ :D
This promotion will end by February 5th!!!

Comm :: Theresia by ufo-galz Comm: Altheir by ufo-galz

Washed out by ufo-galz

Locked by ufo-galz

Beneath her beautiful by ufo-galz

Rules are the same as usual commissions~
If you're interested, please note me with:
    Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet Type:
    Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet Reference of your character:
    Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet PayPal/ dA points:

Commissions Open by ufo-galz
Hey people~ I'm currently opening commissions so that I could earn some extra cash ;w; for personal use and to help lessen the burden of my family, so yeah (´・∀・`) Which is why I prefer payment by Paypal, but I also accept dA points too if you like! :D

   [ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink   

Pink Flower What I can do:              Pink Flower What I can't do:
~OCs                             ~Animals/Furry (unless it's kemonomimi)
~Females(i draw better)    ~Males(unless u insist :D look at gallery for ref)
~Fanart                          ~Mecha
~Gijinka                          ~NSFW
~A bit of gore(bruises, blood etc.)

*All are coloured!!* (Unless you request for b&w/inking only which will be the min. price)

Star! CHIBI: $10

Comm: Altheir by ufo-galz Calypso1 by ufo-galz

Star! BUST: $15

High Hopes by ufo-galzBust by ufo-galz

Star! HALF-BODY: $20

Locked by ufo-galzSniper by ufo-galz

Star! FULL BODY: $25

Repose by ufo-galz


+Pets/similar: $2
+Weapons/similar: $2


[Pixel]  tiny  plant 1 ADDITIONAL INFO  [Pixel]  tiny  plant 1

-All will be done within 2 weeks! (unless something comes up, I will inform!)
-Finished piece will be uploaded to dA with watermark and linked to the client~
-You will receive the larger file without watermark after I finish~
-I hold the rights to refuse taking up any commissions for any reason.
-Payment in advance.
-No refunds after I've finished the art.
-Minor changes are free.
-I will refund if I feel that I don't have the time to finish it!
-For personal use only! Extra payment if for commercial use (can be discussed)
-Reuploading is allowed, but credits are very much appreciated :D
   >These rules also apply if you want to reupload it onto another site.

cherry blossoms b If you're interested, please note me with:
    Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet What you want
    Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet Reference of your character
    Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet Payment method (Paypal/ dA points) 1 USD= 100Points 

THANK YOU!! Dino - Blush 


Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Chibi commissions are open!!
And this is like a promotion before setting a fixed price ><
[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink [ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink [ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink [ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink

Tiny Strawberry Pixel  So yeah, I'm opening chibi commissions with this style:
      Comm :: Theresia by ufo-galz      Comm: Altheir by ufo-galz

Rose Red Bullet - F2U!Simple/ Transparent background
Rose Red Bullet - F2U!Price does not differ by how detailed the character is
Rose Red Bullet - F2U!Prefer characters to be females, because I still can't draw males quite as nice yet QwQ
Rose Red Bullet - F2U!Does not accept furries, sorry ><
Rose Red Bullet - F2U!Please inform if you want me to help design your character :3

Basically, for every slot the price will increase by 50Yellow Points, starting from 300Yellow Points  (or by 0.50 USD, starting from $3)

Tiny Strawberry Pixel If you're interested, please note me with:
    Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet What you want
   Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet Reference of your character
    Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet Payment method

(300 points) 1. :iconhalowing: (done) (paid)
(350 points) 2. :iconateliae: (done) (paid)
(400 points) 3. :iconferalfighter: (done) (paid)
(450 points) 4. :iconsanmedare: (done) (paid)
(500 points) 5. :iconbrokenhealer: (done) (paid)
(550 points) 6. :iconmagikeren: (done) (paid)
(600 points) 7.
(650 points) 8.
(700 points) 9.
(750 points) 10.

For those using paypal:
100 points = 1 USD
- I will cover the fee :3

Thanks for reading~   

Hey guys, just wanted to say that I'll be really inactive starting from today to nearly the end of the month due to my school exams QwQ
So yeah, I'm sorry if I couldn't reply u or post anything new for the time being ><
Oh, and for those who are asking me when I'm gonna start doing commissions, I apologize for not giving the exact time, but like u guys probably has already known, I've been wanting to do commissions for quite some time now, so yeah I'll most probably start doing commissions after my exams has ended~
And to those art requests that I've accepted, your stuff has already been done halfway, but please be patient cuz I don't have time for now QwQ Thanks~

*Warning: Trigger below*

Sat Apr 23, 2016, 4:33 AM
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Welp ain't this nice .-. I feel like shit right now

"If one day you wake up,
And you found out that I'm gone,
Promise me this,
Won't you carry on?

Please don't cry for me,
Please don't grieve.
'Cause you weren't there,
When I gave a silent plea.

Don't say how much you loved me,
how much you regret not to see.
Don't write a paragraph about me,
how much you wish I lived.
For you might be the reason
why I started to bleed."

Just because she's not crying, doesn't mean she's not hurting.

Just because she doesn't say it, doesn't mean there's nothing.

Just because she doesn't show it, doesn't mean she doesn't give a fuck.

Sometimes a person keeps silent and act happy 'cause they know that "negativity" is an endless downward spiral. They don't want to ruin someone's day; they don't want to bring down the mood; they don't want to let people think they're seeking attention; they don't want people to think that they're annoying etc etc.
But just because they act okay, doesn't mean that they don't give a fuck. They prefer being quiet about it because they know that even if they say it out, some people won't listen anyway.
Some people need to stop being so self-centered and try to think about others for once ffs. Nobody owes anything to anyone.

"She's doesn't even give a fuck. She's smiling, so she's okay, right?"
No. She's not okay. She's fucking thinking of giving up and ending it all right now. But she's not gonna tell you. 'Cause when she wanted to, you were too busy being mad at her. You always think that she doesn't care about you, but she does. It's just that she doesn't say it out and state it to everyone in the world, so does that mean that she doesn't care?
But when you say that "she doesn't care about me" or that "she's just pretending to care", have you ever asked yourself that "Did you care for her?" "Did you even pretend that you cared?". Well here I am to say that the answer is a No. You didn't.

Some people need to stop thinking that they understand others when they don't. You haven't walked in their shoes, so if you don't have anything nice to say, then you can just shut the fuck up.

Feeling really positive today xD

Sat Feb 6, 2016, 8:46 PM
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So recently I found out that my work has been chosen for the DestinyBlue's Emotion Challenge!!! ><
So I'm here to thank everyone for their love and support!!! Thanks a lot, it means so much to me!!! >////<
All these support has just made my day, and I hope you guys would have a good day too!!
Don't forget to give out love and definitely don't forget to love yourself!!
Have a great day~ :3

Skin CSS © Nesmaty
That moment when
You think you're good,
You're doing great,
You're improving,
All this hard work is paying off,
And you're feeling amazing,
And you're cheesing so hard when people compliment the things you make,
And you're happy with yourself,
And that this is it,
This is you,
This is what you've been trying so hard for,
And yes,
It may be slow but it's still visible,
And you're content,
And you're proud of yourself
And then suddenly you see someone younger,
Drawing fucking masterpieces,
Standing so high up and bright,
The shine hurts your eyes,
And then you realize,
that you're just not good enough
And you feel like

You feel like shit.
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 3 years

  2. What does your username mean? Simply a random name created by my brother. "ufo" also represents
    my weirdness xD

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Weird, Dreamer, err?

  4. Are you left or right handed? right handed

  5. What was your first deviation? here: Nekos!! :D by ufo-galz

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Digital art

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Anime style

  8. What was your first favourite? here: Julian - The pirate Sweetie by KenshjnPark

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? I can't choose, I like everything mostly xD

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Viria13

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? I'm not sure

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Made me happy when I'm not in my best mood

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? PaintTool Sai

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? Home

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? When I look back at my old drawings and realize that I have

I have changed my signature into 'Miyuki' (my pen name) so please do not be mistaken that I have "stolen" someone else's drawings. I'll be also having collabs with my friend, Namiro Chiaki, and it will also be posted in Pixiv by our shared account, CHiYUKi. Feel free to follow us in Pixiv. Thank you~!! =['w']=
CHiYUKi pixiv ID: 12917848
My pixiv ID: 12883873
Namiro Chiaki pixiv ID: 12874159
I'm scared of so many things.
To be honest, I'm scared of falling in love.
I'm scared that it may not turn out fine,
I'll keep thinking about the day when everything will just end,
I'm scared that one day he'll find out that I'm not as great as he thought I was,
I'm scared that I'll fall too hard,
I'm scared that he'll get bored of me,
I'm scared that he'll leave,
I'll just keep thinking that one day I won't be the only one he sees.
To be honest, I'm scared to love.
Because I'm a coward.
Because I know it's not a fairytale.
Because I know it'll hurt.
Because I know it'll end.
One day...
One day,
I'll just be a nobody to him.
Exams are finally over ^^ Phew~
Gonna draw now!!
I'll be uploading soon! ^^
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Gosh, I'm so damn nervous right now >.<
Exams are near and I'm over here typing this journal and drawing xD
I just can't concentrate on studying!! It's so stressful to be a student >.<
Words always disappear out of my head when I need them. It's so weird :/ Do words disappear out of your head when you need them? Or is it just me?

Hopefully, I'll be uploading more artwork after I finish my exams, which is after the 21st.
Well then, I guess I'm off to studying now :(
I hope I won't get low marks ._.
Wish me luck, people!! >///<
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