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As the title stated above, how many of you have the Paypal account? I want to know the info from you especially those who always used paypal for buy and sell transaction. I do have my own Paypal long time before but through credit card and now since I heard can do transaction without the card, so I wonder how it works actually. Especially how to transfer the money from local banking itself to paypal??? I cant get how eventually it's work, it might be simple just like when I used the card or maybe the other way? Or perhaps only certain banking that can linked to the paypal? I dont get it afterall..^^; That's why I need helped. If you ask me to read all the rules and how to use it, honestly I'm kind of dumbass as I look it with such a full of words without translation.

Another thing, there's 3 type of accounts given; Personal, Premier & Business. I do know that Business is totally out, but for me, does Personal better? Premier is somewhat of selling instead of buying, right.. Hope you guys share with me what you guys know about it.

:bulletgreen: Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin or in english title; Attack on Titan, is one of Spring anime season that I recommended for you to watch. Good story, with such a big giant titan that is the Collosal Titan size that reach until 50m, taller than the wall itself, with somewhat look like an intelligent titan so far, attack humankind behind the wall. I found it's interesting story after Shinsekai yori which is failed to excite me this far unless I'm just happy looking at Satoru and Saki together in the end. Since after Shingeki no Kyojin been on aired, I tried to read the manga and so what, it's such a good manga and I'm eager to read more! I do love Scouting Legion team, they're adventorous compared to Stationary team and Police team. And I wonder how that boy can becomes a Titan itself, still got chapters I need to read..:heart:

:bulletred: Kakumeiki no Valvrave
Kakumeiki no Valvrave or in english translation, Valvrave the Liberator, also one of the Spring anime season, as for me, honestly said I do love it especially on character itself. They're into my liking such as L-Elf and A-Drei, seriously they're my type of bishies. The way A-Drei acted as first he reminds me of Yzak Jule from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, but with Deo (Last Exile) appearance..=D Hahaha Dont mind me.. Kind of crazy with that good-looking guy. The script writer of this anime is the one who make for Code Geass before, so when you watch this Valvrave anime, it's about one power that can control other ppls not only the mind but also the body, means even can tranfer into other ppls body too. Found out the Dorrsia outfit is so kakkoi, feel like to crossplay one of them..LOL


:spotlight-left:TALK RANDOMLY:spotlight-right:

:bulletpink:ANIME - I realized this Spring season got a lots of new anime that I like to watch such as RGD, Valvrave, Titan, Majestic Prince, Utapri 2000%, Hentai Ouji, Date A Live, Gargantia, hmm..what else...I think still got other anime instead of these but I forgot. Well, only a few that really attracted me like Valvrave, Titan & RGD. The rests are so-so for me but still in my watchlist. The truth me about anime, I'm still stucked with the previous anime, such as Magi, Zetsuen no Tempest, Kamisama Hajimemashita... I think those were last year anime right.. What the heck am I doing, keep on delaying the things..^^; Blame me for keep on playing GREE games~

:bulletblue:MANGA - Last week read Vampire Knight and the story almost end. Oh Kaname, please dont DIE..!!! ><" And also nowadays reading Shingeki no Kyojin. Still addict with it..=D

:bulletpink:DOLL - Feel like to buy doll but it seems budget still low. May 5th will be held a dollmeet and now still waiting my doll stuffs to be send here.

:bulletblue:DRAWING - Nothing to do...! Hiatus again... (NOT AGAIN!!)

:bulletpink:DRAMA/MOVIE - Recently I watch Korean drama in ch393, dunno how to spell, kinda sounds like Cheongdam-Dong Alice??????? Whatever~~ It's a nice drama and also funny!! =D

:bulletblue: COSPLAY - No preparation afterall. Feel like to cosplay Dorrsia Elite Agent~ hahaha
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