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:iconspotlightplz:It's early 2013:iconspotlightplz:

First of all, here I wanna say GONG XI FA CAI to all whom celebrated the wonderful day especially this welcome Snake year. And also gonna wish earlier the Happy Valentines Day to all of my friends, family and my beloved :heart: Wish you guys with the happiness and bless ne~

:bulletgreen: BUY THINGS
Not much thing I wanna tell here in journal as I never expected times went this fast. Thinking that my planned which is some of them being postponed in many ways. My thought right now still wandering about new gadgets. Or else new kid??? *coughcough* It's a doll, y'know...LOL. But when thinking about the local event that might be held a few months to go, I feel like should I start with a new chara or just a recycle only? Hmmmm...... as usual, it would be ends with FOODS..!!!! ^^;

:bulletred: INCIDENTS
Not long ago, as my workplace busy with tidy-up thingies, many things happened such as I cut my finger with sharp cutter, had flu along with fever that let me took sick leave. I let down the busy day which is supposed to be very important but heck, I'm sick..!! Not only that, a day before they let me do by myself, alone.. Really makes me depressed.... My own works are ALL POSTPONED because of these thingies. Since everythings need fast, things like these happened. Serious, it killing me that much!! And towards the end, during the check up and marking, I'm the only person been called out, sounds like being blamed all of sudden though the one who put that thing was my boss..!! Oh gawd, dont you see that I was more to labelling?? You make my name getting bad....:rage:

:bulletgreen: GAMES
Lately I attached to a new hobbies, normally I'm not into it, but since its attracted me, so I try it out. It's an otome game. So far, I played 3 games, there are Be My Princess, Be My Bodyguard and Shall We Date: Ninja Love. Perhaps you guys already done all these games, but for me it took long way to go. And it's not easy to get cruz/ender and love/royal/guard factors. The event things are non-stop......sigh. I dunno why the characters I chose all gloomy mode~ Except that Goemon which is different than those 2..

:bulletred: GHOST....??
2 weeks ago, I slept at my old house after so long left as I busy with work travelling. That night I suddenly woke up from sleep after I heard someone's footstep walking in front of my room door. I thought it was my parent that usually wake up early in the morning at 5am but when I check back, what the heck with this 3.28am..??!! By the way, the person.....I think it's more that 1 person, walking in front of my room door from left to the right and also otherwise for NON-STOP... And they also walking from the room next door of mine which is supposed to be door closed all the time, yet they walked like enter the room without open the door. Tried to think positive it might be a rat but...rat wont enter the room so easily like that unless the door of the next room which I heard the sound is opened, but still, it sounds like ppls walking no matter I denied. It's because the sounds were so loud as my bed was 2 metres from my room door, and of course I can hear they walked very clearly, not only by walk, but also heard something being pulled here and there in front of my room door.... Oh gosh, I never thought can hear the footstep sound after the last time back to 12 years ago also at the same place. It was creepy. Hope this week wont happened again..:pray:


:spotlight-left:TALK RANDOMLY:spotlight-right:

:bulletpink:ANIME - I download the selected animes until the lastest episode but the only I watched was Magi ep 9 & 10.... I think gonna stop downloading the Sasami-san at Ganbaranai as it looks bored to me. I keep delayed to watch all the anime I downloaded as I busy playing the otome game almost the time, so perhaps I may continued to watch asap to avoid lost memory of the storyplot.

:bulletblue:MANGA - Read Vampire Knight lastest chapter I was happy that Yuuki ends up choosing Kaname after decided to let go of Zero. Even these Kurans also did make love in the end of chapter, but I dont think Yuuki will be with Kaname forever as Kaname himself trying to make Yuuki as a human being again and passed her to Zero. While in D.Gray-Man, okay..a bit confusing here. At first, to be said that Allen Walker actually is Nea Walker, but as the lastest chapter revealed that actually Allen is Mana Walker???? Perhaps because of the curse given by Mana during resurrected when he was a kid??? Awww...I'm looking forward DGM new chapter. Hope can read it soon..><

:bulletpink:DOLL - My beloved Clover already have new wig, it's Green Fairy, one of the artwig I bought. And it looks lovely, I like the variety colour on it. While the Romantic Boy wig though at first I thought not really that nice actually good when I saw from the front side. Back I hate those spiky at behind. Thinking that maybe I should try to make her new dress, probably summer dress, or spring if I have the materials for it, and match-up with her new wig. Planning to buy another doll but see the budget still get low, so I still doubt either want to buy or not..^^;

:bulletblue:DRAWING - Nothing to do...! Hiatus again... (NOT AGAIN!!)

:bulletpink:DRAMA/MOVIE - Recently I rewatch back Ikemen (You're Beautiful) and see those Kis-My-Ft2 guys acting again. Not only that, now I attached to one korean drama from local tv, nice storyplot so far, it's Stay with me, my love.

:bulletblue: COSPLAY - Preparations of cosplay outfits for next events including CF13 though it's already decided last year has been postponed to another year. I dunno it may be cancelled I supposed depends on situation. So probably I may do recycle character again or looking forward to lolita more than cosplay, still not sure now.

  • Listening to: TRC ost vol 1 - tsubasa
  • Watching: Magi ep10
  • Eating: Bread with Delfi choco spread
  • Drinking: Mineral water
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krystlekmy Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Happy Chinese New Year, uepu-chan dear~!! :hug: :heart:
GAsp.... G...G..ghost~!! OMG, that's really creepy~!!! :fear: i'm very sensitive in ghosts and i kena once when i was little girl that i don't remember what happened to me.... And few years ago, my dad saw couple old ghosts at printing shop in seremban / day time and they smiled at my dad..... and hope that scary noisy must be stop so you can have in peace, dear~ :pray:
uepu Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd seen for real a few times but the only one i never forget is when i saw 'her' sitting on my parents' bed. that time i dunno why i didnt scared at all, just watched it and completely ignore. lately nothing creepy coming to haunt me except i feel like someone watching around in the house especially at night, everytime when i was alone. maybe because of the impact i got when they walked in front of my room door last time, so i cant be strong by myself at the moment..^^;
krystlekmy Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
oh wow... scary... :fear: :fear: :fear: are they still around now?
uepu Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
for now nothing creepy things i saw since the last time. and i hope no more in the future..:pray:
krystlekmy Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yeah, i hope so... :pray:
rairy Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist much things happen/ you did early this year. The ghost part kinda creepy. Yup, I think its ghost too. We often hear such thing as walking foot at night. Moreover if the room not usually used, they inhabit such place especially the bed. When I go back home, I often do 'cleaning' on my bed. If I didnt do such, 'they' might crush me at my sleep OTL
uepu Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i did the cleaning on my bed everytime i went sleep in that house, but usually nothing happened especially my room and i hope it never happened in that room in the future. It always outside my room the things creepy can be heard..^^; i think this is the first creepy thing in this year after the last one in Perak last year.. luckily nothing bad happened towards me.
rairy Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
glad to hear that. Yea, its the best clean up the bed. I havent back to my room too. Next week gonna back to kampung and will do clean up.
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