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:iconspotlightplz:Comic Fiesta 2014 report:iconspotlightplz:

Event : Comic Fiesta 2014
Date : 27th - 28th December 2014
Time : 10am - 7pm
Venue : All Halls of KLCC

Not much to tell here coz I dont followed the details as I used to be like in the past years so this is merely the report of mine when I was there. After 2 years eversince the last one in 2012, finally I attended this annual event back in 2014, yeap, it was almost a month ago. I didnt attend for CF13 coz I planned to the AFA13 in Singapore before that.

Quite busy preparing on make up and props, I came to the event quite late like 4pm if not mistake, the crowds as usual, it was getting more ppls around. I barely to walk around as my prop though it was not big but actually quite heavy and my energy drained enough because of that. Summore pack with ppls around me and I was worried all the time that my prop got ruined, so I dont get to focus much on what I saw in the halls. Much to make my mood down drastically, but it wont last long after I met my old friend at the artist booth :iconkrystlekmy: and had a nice chat with her though not so long.

End of DAY 1 in the hall, my cosplay group had a night photoshoot until midnight along with Singapore cosplayer. It was fun though my prop was broken during the shoot and I hardly to posing with it.

On the next day, as before, we came to the hall quite late again, and met few friends at the artist booth (again). My outfit was yukata so easy for me to walked around, no prop like before, and I replaced it with the plushie.

End of event, I collapsed at 6am of the next day and found out it was almost check out time. AAAAAARRRRRRRR.....


:spotlight-left:TALK RANDOMLY:spotlight-right:

:bulletpink:ANIME - Watched Maria the Virgin Witch recently, I found out the anime is nice. Now I'm into these anime such as Aldnoah.Zero (mecha anime with nice plot between these 2 guys and the princess), Cross Ange (though it has Yuri, but the story plot is nice with strongwill princess), Parasyte (this one is unique, and also killing)Akatsuki no Yona (talking about the princess and 4 dragons with different manners, and also very funny)...

:bulletblue:MANGA - Too many mangas I read, even I cant remember the titles at all. So far, Akatsuki no Yona and Harumiya are the long waiting for me. Yesterday, I read the lastest chapter of Kuroshitsuji, I didnt expect that guy now became so fat.

:bulletpink:DOLL - Brought along Cutey to CF14 trip and she has a little photoshoot before we go back. 

:bulletblue:DRAWING - No drawing at the moment, sorry...

:bulletpink:DRAMA/MOVIE - Yesterday I watched In the Woods, it's a musical movie, not bad.

:bulletblue: COSPLAY - Last CF14 was my last ever for my cosplay portfolio and I already announced my retirement officially.
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krystlekmy Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Eh? only me DA here? :omg: Awwwww, uepu-chan dear. I'm so glad to see you again after years~ :love: :hug: :heart: 
uepu Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hahaha coz i dont remember the rest of DA name since they appeared in different id now..^^;
krystlekmy Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
hahaha i see... same to me coz too many XD;;
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