UDON at Anime Expo 2007!

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Members of UDON will be at the Manga Entertainment booth area all weekend long. Meet some of the UDON Crew in person, get sketches or autographs and buy exclusive UDON comic sets, art books, posters and art prints.

We'll post details soon about brand new UDON products debuting at the convention!

UDON members in attendance:
Omar Dogan    (Street Fighter, SF Legends - Sakura, Exalted RPG, Robotech and more)
Jim Zubkavich    (Makeshift Miracle, Exalted comic and RPG)
Clarence Lim    (UDON Web Master)

June 29 - July 2nd
BOOTH #1310-1313
Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California

Con Hours
Friday June 29 –
Exhibit Hall: 12 PM – 6 PM

Saturday June 30 –
Exhibit Hall: 10 AM – 6 PM

Sunday July 1 –
Exhibit Hall: 10 AM – 6 PM

Monday July 2 –
Exhibit Hall: 10 AM – 3 PM
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JinnMasters's avatar
i wish i could make it but dont have the money, but i was wondering, is there any other way to get the undon sketch book u will have at the convention
MangaNut01's avatar
Yayness. I'm going!
burstfan's avatar
I so hate myself... I want to live in cali... bastards... kidding. Whom ever goes... enjoy yourselves... think of us that cannot go...
i was going to go but then my ride didnt want to give me a ride anymore........ gay
i wish i lived in cali =/
plaicoson's avatar
i would like to go but it is a 15 hour plane travell.. XD :crying:

well luck in it
JSin21666's avatar
:jawdrop: HOLY Freakin FUDGE!!!!! You guys are goin :excited: Sweeeeet!!!!! I'll be there :evillaugh:

:paranoid: Not long but I'll definetly swing by =D :excited:
Spirit-In-The-Wind's avatar
Sounds great but sadly I don't live anywhere near there, being on a different continent and all.

Feel free to come to a British expo prefereably in Bristol. I'll be right there =]
kidokaproject's avatar
wow! you guys are at the exhibit hall? :O
i'd love to see if i can find you there this weekend =D
kevinqagoncillo's avatar
mrvo's avatar
Mmmmmmmmmmmm another reason to think about going to AX from Mexico :boogie:
Marmoset-Warlord's avatar
Dam!!! Its too far away!!! Thats like a seven hour drive for me... Well, I hope everyone else enjoys it.
stabartist's avatar
awesome, i'll be there!!! i cant wait to see yall!!! but i am guessing your not doing commissions?? it didnt say you were in the journal. O_o;;
IvoryRed's avatar
It's an hour drive for me, but I'll definitely be there! :w00t:
IvoryRed's avatar
It's an hour drive for me, but I'll definitely be there! w00t:
j-cubed's avatar
ill be their, but now i have to start saving allot -.-
KeungLee's avatar
Ooo~ exclusive goods, eh? Sounds great, definitely gonna check that booth out. Hope you guys get to enjoy AX too!
i--kuzuremasu's avatar
Damn you, New Jersey!! Nothing happens in New Jersey..
seipherzero's avatar
everything is always in cali or canada ; ;
<3 Udon!
RyanOdagawa's avatar
I'll be there too! But not too many know of the work I did for Udon...

UdonCrew's avatar
You've got an Artist Alley table at the show, Ryan? Feel free to come hang out with us!
RyanOdagawa's avatar
I don't have a table, but I'll definitely swing by!
TwilightSin's avatar
Alright! Cant wait for it to come, hope to see you guy's there this year at AX 07' :D
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