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Well, the new arc of the Street Fighter II comic series has been delayed and fans have been wondering why... Capcom's made an announcement, so we can finally tell everyone the news: Interview - Super Street Fighter II Turbo Remix

The classic SSF2T character sprites, backgrounds, intro, endings and character selection artwork, all redesigned by the artists at UDON!

From Joystiq: "With 13 years of competitive play under its belt and counting, Super Street Fighter II Turbo is widely considered to be 2-D fighting perfected. A high octane, extremely offense-minded fighter, how is it that Capcom plans to improve upon perfection? By bringing in the comic masterminds at UDON to redraw the entire game, pixel-for-pixel."

From Kotaku: "Capcom's HD Remixes will both feature new artwork courtesy of Street Fighter comic book art collective Udon Entertainment, 1080p resolution and, of course, network play. New artwork? Yes. While Puzzle Fighter HD will feature only new backgrounds drawn by the artists at UDON and 3D gem effects, Street Fighter HD will ship with new sprites completely redrawn for HD resolutions."

HD Character Artwork for
Puzzle Fighter Remix by UDON

Once we're allowed to show in-game artwork from the project, we'll be sure to post some of it here at our DeviantArt site.

Needless to say, it's going to be a busy summer for us here in the crew. Wish us luck.
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Sweet I didnt know the UdonCrew was behind this :o

HD street fighter is the reason I want an XBOX 360 :D