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Frequently asked questions about the High Definition version of Street Fighter that UDON is involved with. We've seen a lot of rumors flying around on message boards and wanted to set some information straight for the fans.

Q) Is this a brand new Street Fighter game?
A) No. It's a high definition re-release of Super Street Fighter II Turbo with updated graphics, network play and voice chat support.

Q) When is the game going to be released?
A) The projected release date is late 2007.

Q) What systems will it be available on?
A) We've been told that it will be available for download on the X-Box Live and Sony networks for X-Box 360 and PS3. If any more systems get added, we'll be sure to let you know.

Q) Which characters will be playable in the game?
A) All the characters who appear in Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Akuma, Balrog, Bison, Blanka, Cammy, Chun-Li, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Fei Long, Guile, Ken, Ryu, Sagat, T Hawk, Vega and Zangief.

Q) Will there be any other hidden characters?
A) Not as far as we know.

Q) Will the sound effects, voices or music be updated?
A) As far as we've been told, no. If this changes, we'll let you know. Our job is to take care of the art, so we don't have any control over this aspect of the game's creation.

Q) How will the gameplay be different from the original?
A) As far as we've been told, the gameplay will be identical to the original. The programming "guts" of the game is the exact same, only with new artwork replacing the old. In interviews Capcom has confirmed online play, a training mode, voice chat, rankings/leaderboards, different matchmaking options and stat tracking

Q) Will there be smoother/increased frames of animation?
A) No. In order to keep the gameplay identical, the sprites and frame rate must also stay the same.

Q) What artwork is being updated?
A) All the art assets are being redrawn for high definition: the character select screens, character sprites, backgrounds and endings.

Q) What is UDON contributing to the game?
A) UDON artists are drawing the character select screens, stage backgrounds, endings and designing the new high resolution character sprites.

Q) Which UDON artists are involved with the game?
A) Pretty much everyone here on staff is contributing on one level or another. It's one of the largest projects we've ever done and we're honored to be a part of it.

Q) Is UDON drawing every frame of animation for the sprites?
A) No. Another company is taking our extensive sprite redesigns/key frames and animating them for the game. Our job is to design the sprites for high resolution and give the other game studio the tools they need to animate them smoothly.

Q) Why are some of the frame samples posed a bit oddly?
A) The outline/forms of the characters have to be identical to the original to keep the hitbox areas intact and the gameplay the same. Some of these poses, blown up 4.5 times and taken out of sequence, can look a bit odd. We're doing our best to be faithful to the original poses while adding new detail/clarity.

Q) Can you guys post more sprite samples from the game?
A) Capcom is the only one that can release artwork for the game, so we have to wait for their approval before artwork gets shown.

Q) Will there be an HD version of Darkstalkers/Alpha/SF3/Other Capcom game?
A) One thing at a time. We're concentrating on Street Fighter II right now. We're not aware of any other HD Capcom fighting games being planned at this point. We assume that Capcom is going to see how well this one turns out before they decide if any more will be made. Let them know you're interested and cross your fingers.

Q) Where can we find out more information about the HD Street Fighter game?
A) Keep an eye on Capcom's Digital Content Blog for updates as the game progresses.
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more anatomy pics

Mike tyson


UFC Fighters




Bruce lee



edit: you might want to take a look at this.

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street fighter II turbo, doesnt have akuma, neither cammy, t hawk... its Super street fighter
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you should reread the answer to the first question ;)
CptMunta's avatar
I think you guys are doing a fantastic job!

Keep up the good work! Cant wait to see it in action!
zios33's avatar
I don't think SF3 should be remastered. It's fine how it is.
Caracal007's avatar
This game sounds great, but I do hope you'll one day do a HD version of Darkstalkers and/or SFIII.
rytango's avatar
Hi crew!

I've been keeping track of this for some time now and i have to say the art is looking great.

So it comes as a surprise to me that the artwork for the Guile sprite that Rey created looks...sub-par. And I'm sure you know it has already gotten some flack. Is this the final work or will see a revision?

khaiwraith's avatar
I was hoping for Adon though. Still, can't wait!
Saru-Ouji's avatar
WOW!! I'm so anxious
blurredproductions's avatar
I know you don't have any control over it, but why doesn't Capcom flex its muscle and make a new game? Because except for the art, this game is just a re-release of SFIIT.
UdonCrew's avatar
Well 2008 is the 20th anniversary of Street Fighter, so hopefully Capcom takes advantage of it.
LoserLunatic's avatar
When can we excpect you to be redoing all the sprites for Marvel Vs Capcom? I'd probably poo from the excitement.
daikkenaurora's avatar
From what I've seen of the spirites, the game should be very cool.
DarkNessAroundu's avatar
Thanks for the Faq guys. I dont think people should have to ask you anymore questions.
dsx100's avatar
This project seems pretty big. Can't wait to play this game. The only thing I'm not excited about is that the Framerate is going be the same. I really like smooth animation like that of SF III's. I am still very excited though.
FrankyLongtie's avatar
This sounds great! I can not wait!
hangemhigh13's avatar
Same fps? Kinda' like a ferrarri on stilts . . .
darkverge's avatar
This contradicts Capcoms blog, where it says that there will be no new features (network play, voicechat).
UdonCrew's avatar
From the 1up Interview: "Capcom has confirmed online play, a training mode, voice chat, rankings/leaderboards, different matchmaking options, and stat tracking, with a Fall release planned."
darkverge's avatar
Excellent news. Will SSF2THDR be confirmed for PC at any time? All you'd have to do is have an HD PC and grab a controller, and you'd be all set to go.
UdonCrew's avatar
UDON doesn't have any control over which platforms the game will be released on, so we really don't know what the possibilities are in terms of a PC release.
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Well, my second favourite of all times (first is megaman) is being redesigned for a console I do not have, for televisions I do not have.....I think it's time to visit my friends! =D
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