Mega Man Tribute gets a MEGA thumbs up!
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A friend of UDON recently passed on a copy of our MEGA MAN TRIBUTE art book to video game designer AK, who had some great things to say about the book. For those who haven't heard of AK, he played a vital role in the original creation of Mega Man's world and systems, working on the game even before Keiji Inafune joined the project.

AK has graciously give us permission to pass his comments to the artists and fans of the book, which is a real treat as he has very rarely given public comments or done any press at all. The UDON crew is proud to share these accolades with all the great artists in Mega Man Tribute:


So this is the book you were telling me about.
I didn't expect it to have so much volume.

I flipped through a few pages just now, but...
I don't really know what to say.
Back in the day, I never would have dreamed that a book like this would ever be released.
It seems to me that the overseas fans have a different kind of passion for Mega Man.
The pieces included in this book are quite mesmerizing...
I can't help but be drawn in, and I find myself spending more time than you might think on each page.

Talk about variety.
This book has left me speechless. I'm truly in awe.
I feel like I am getting a look at the Mega Man that lives inside each and every one of these people.

It's almost hard to believe that a game started by a few unknown, almost amateur team members has managed to influence so many people in such a powerful way.

I am so delighted by this book!!
Thank you for giving it to me.
I'll be going through it very slowly!



In related news, let's all welcome the ultimate Mega Man mangaka, Hitoshi Ariga, to deviantart and to the UDONcrew group!

:iconhitoshiariga: Head on over to Ariga-sensei's gallery to check out plenty of Mega Man artwork, his favorite Pokemon sketches, and plenty more.

Also don't forget that MEGA MAN GIGAMIX Vol.3 is now in stores. This is the final volume of Gigamix, and the concluding chapter of the greatest Mega Man story ever told!

Check out the UDON blog for a preview of Mega Man Gigamix Vol.3

And check out these great online retailers for all your Mega Man needs:


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ImaginationStartsHobbyist General Artist
I wish I had found out about the contest sooner than a day after the deadline. I have the book and love all the art pieces in it, and am happy to hear that it got positive comments from the Classic Original team.
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keigo-makProfessional General Artist
This is awesome! Thanks for letting us known about this. It feels even greater to be part of the tribute book. One big up thumb for Hitoshi Ariga, Udon and all contributors!
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TheALVINtakerHobbyist General Artist
Just because of Gigamix, I want to buy Megamix.
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CamiFortuna General Artist
I'm glad to be part of that too!
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darrenrawlingsProfessional Traditional Artist
Amazing!! That's what it's all about right there.
Great job Udon crew and all contributors! What an honor being part of it.
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AndrewDickmanProfessional Filmographer
Thank you
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Ry-SpiritProfessional Digital Artist
I hope he saw my pic in the Megaman Tribute book... If not, page 262 :P
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It's so great to hear Ariga's words on the Megaman Tribute book.
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killerphoenix92Student General Artist
Friggin Awesome!
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digi148Hobbyist General Artist
He was in The Men Who Created Rockman, how come that was never included in the Megamix books?
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MattMoylanProfessional Digital Artist
The creation story was included in the BrainNavi version of Megamix in Japan. The UDON version of Megamix was licensed from Enterbrain, the previous publisher, and it has different bonus contents. But don't worry. we plan to include the creation story in a future book.
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digi148Hobbyist General Artist
Oh that's great news! That way no one has to translate it themselves.
iliasPatlis's avatar
iliasPatlisProfessional Digital Artist
That's friggin Awesome!!!!
Im on page 20 and can't believe that he's seen my stuff and all of the other kick ass artist.

Thanks udon!
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Dennis-PulidoProfessional Digital Artist
Great :D
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GMrDrewProfessional Filmographer
this makes me wish i could have been better and got in the book - no excuses :D
MightyAfro's avatar
MightyAfroStudent General Artist
ah... now I really wish I coulda succeeded.
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ArtofDPIProfessional Digital Artist
This make me realy happy to be a part of this book and show him and the world my honor to this blue little robot.
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HeroAiyamiHobbyist General Artist
That's a Mega blast of approval AWESOME, wish I made it in. But Archie Comic's is a nice 2nd.
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