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It's been a crazy week and a half while we went through every fan entry for Darkstalkers Tribute. So many entries! Once again, we're humbled and awed by the incredible fan response to this book.

It was incredibly difficult narrowing down the choices and making our final picks. We've done our very best to represent the passion you all have for Darkstalkers. Even if your artwork didn't make the cut, we really hope you enjoyed creating some new art and being a part of the contest. The journey can be just as fun as the destination.

Some pieces that didn't make it in may show up in fan gallery pages at the back of our comics over the coming months. If your artwork wasn't chosen, you're free to post it up in your gallery and show everyone now.

If you told us to use your online nickname instead of your real name, that's what should be listed below instead of your full name. If you collaborated with someone on your piece, the person who sent it in would have their name listed if your piece made it in. If you listed a DA page as your website, we've linked it below so people can visit your page to congratulate you on making it into the book.

If you're listed below on our winner list and you don't get an e-mail by tomorrow from us, please send me an e-mail at jimzub(at)udoncomics.com so I can get your high resolution print-ready file and make sure your information is correct.

We'll try to get a list of invited professionals and UDON members who will be in the book up soon.

Thank you so much for your support. This book is going to be incredible.
Darkstalkers Tribute Editor

And with that... here is the list!

Adam Nichols
Adrian Miguel Delgado
Alan Defibaugh
Alexander Diochon
Ancor Gil Hernandez
Andrea Jen
Andrew Manzanares
Anthony Aguinaldo
Arturo Albores
Ashleigh Hetrick
Ben Lo
Ben Newman
Benjamin Ang
Bob Rissetto
Bob Strang
Brian Hardison
Caio M.M
Cameron Ahmadi
Camila Fortuna
Carlos Rafael
Carlos Villa
Carolina Moya
Cassandra Freire
Cathy Clark
Chaivui Yung
Charlene Chua
Chong Khai
Christian Nauck
Coran Stone
Cory Loftis
Dallas Ragon
Dany Orizio
Dane Miner
Darius Cheong Chau Hong
David Kuo
David Velasquez
Derrick Chew
Diana Sprinkle
Diogo Saito
Doug Williams
Drigz Abrot
Dylan Scott
Ean Keat Ong
Edison Yan
Edmundo Landaverde
Emilio Lopez
Erasmo Rodriguez
Erfan Fajar
Erfian Asafat
Eric Huang
Evon Freeman
Fabio Barboni
Federico Ossio
Fei Giap Chong
Foo Toon Hun
Francesco Di Pietro
Garrett Hanna
Georgina Chacon
German Nobile
Gerrit Willemse
Gisele Lagace
Godfrey Escota
Harwinder Singh
Hector Ortiz
Hilary Leung
Ho Wei Ling
Iban Coello
Isuardi Therianto
Ivan Koritarev
Jacopo Camagni
Jaime Alberto Ospina Miranda
Jarold Sng Koon Shan
Jason Cardy
Jason Robinson
Jeanne Virak Kongphengta
Jeff Bellio
Jeffrey Lai
Jen Seng
Jennifer Barclay
Jerald Dorado
Jessica Jung
Jocopo Camagni
Joe Olson
Joel Mackenzie
John Devlin
John Joseco
Jon Sommariva
Jose Darmanov Contreras Gomez
Jose Luis Jimenez
Joyce Hui
Juan Andres Saavedra
Juarez Ricci
Ka Cheong Liew
Katharine Hargrove
Katie De Sousa
Kevin Bolk
Kevin Cameron
Kyron Ramsey
Lauren Nicolo
Lea Segarra
Liang Feng Wang
Luis Santiago
Luis Sopelana
M. S. Corley
Mako Fufu
Makoto Koji
Marcio Takara
Mark Anthony Taduran
Martin Lewis
Marvin del Mundo
Matt Mocarski
Matteo Scalera
Matthew Lau
Mick Collins
Mischievous Martian
Mister Moster
Nicola Stuart
Nicole Dubois
Oscar Celestini
Pablo Praino
Patipat Asavasena
Phillip Gallant
Ralph Niese
Rene Cordova
Renzo Ferrer Padilla
Ricardo Tercio
Rio Rock
Riyadi Prasetya
Rjohn Bernales
Rob Armstrong
Rocco D Commisso
Rocio Zucchi
Rodolfo Velado
Rosita Amici
Rusharil Hutangkabodee
Sam Nielson
Santi Casas
Sonny Jian Song
Soon Seng Cheong
Studio Cute
TanHowe Qin
Ted Kim
Teerawat Palanitisena
Tiago da Silva
Timothy Terrenal
Tina Elder
Tom Whalen
Vanessa C.Tam
Vipada Jakavanphituk
Warren Louw
Wong Kokwai
Yap Jia Xing
Yassir S. Rasan
Ze Carlos
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