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WoW RPG - Transcendent Pandas

By UdonCrew
Artist: Joe Vriens

Pandarens showing off their elemental martial arts.

Digitally painted grayscale half page illo done for the World of Warcraft tabletop RPG book Dark Factions.

Warcraft and all related characters copyright © Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft Tabletop game published by White Wolf Publishing
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Ebonfeather's avatar
Really impressive. I find the poses quite well done, the effects add a nice dynamic to the work and the grey colouring looks fantastic as well :+fav:
Andr34s's avatar
Amazing work - very impressive in grayscale!
(Pandaren 4 the next playable Alliance race :D )
strong-1's avatar
If they ever make another hero class, this is what it should be.
OMG! !! ! !!
loveed this one lOL
ciran's avatar
I seriously think that these should have been added as an alliance race in Cataclysm instead of the Worgen.
Solidsnake66's avatar
So glad you can buy one as a pet now (Not so glad you have to pay :S)
ArcaneRaven's avatar
Cos im fund of martial arts and fund of pandarens I'm in all seriousness considering a tattoo (not before I got my other two, Locked Ragespirit cos of being able to keep my sane at any time, the winged panther holding a rough heart describing my willpower/freedom/strife for peace). Man this piece is asskicking. <3
Thecoolcatjoe's avatar
Nows thats ..just fucking awsome 5 stars bravo :clap:
tasui's avatar
those pandas look really though!
jsmalls's avatar
MaHenBu's avatar
for pandaria!!! earth, wind, and fire! hihihi
nice work
RaiKen25's avatar
"Prepare for Awesome-ness!" Now these are the real Kung Fu Pandas.
caiomm's avatar
Awesome artwork!!

Really love it!
Hitochi's avatar
I love Pandaren! Hope blizz would get them into Wow! Good job, you really captured their essence! :)
OMG if they can make a pandaren race and give him a class, they can have 3 spec, earth , fire and air, lol, and these represent the different fighting styles. I would so play the pandaren
Dude thats is just brilliant, i couldnt think of any other words - Waiting for Blizz to put the Race into WoW, allthough uptill now the likelyhood is not probable D:.

Once again BRILLIANT work.
CryogenP3nguin's avatar
there should totally b an ice/water one and a lightning one =P
ArcaneRaven's avatar
Go go Panda-rangeeeers!
vincent-h-nguyen's avatar
pandas kick butts!!! :ninjabattle:
Really a great piece of art. Instant liking.
OMG ^^ its a joy to watch you guys artwork ^^
Raziel2431's avatar
I've always been a fan of your work. From Street Fighter to Darkstalkers, you guys rock. Keep up the good work.
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