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UFS - Yang Character Card

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Joe Ng
Colors: Kevin Yan

Character card art for the UFS Street Fighter card game.

UFS System copyright © Sabertooth Games
Street Fighter and related characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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daigospencer's avatar
is looks like Trowa Barton
jumbomax's avatar
damn hes cut, but I think his brother can make him sleep
Freedom-Frequency's avatar
Sigh...I tire of yun making guest apperances in other capcom fighters....Give us Yang Capcom.
sailorpichu86's avatar
wow you did a really good job it came out great and he kinda looks like one of the guys from gundam wing the clown tora
StPyronLeWiked's avatar
Perfect for a card cover, it's very dynamic like he IS gonna beat someone up.
The artwork-style, the colors used, and the stance, all really bring Yang to life in this pic!
pooters's avatar
that looks great! i hope you're the artist for sf3 whenever u guys start that
hasanaliakhtar's avatar
Really nice work..Cheers
jeremy-thebeast1's avatar
cool that is great artwork
Twardz's avatar
Was I the only one that though "dude, why's Trowa in a Street Fighter game.... and where's Heavyarms?" when they first saw Yang in SF3?
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Me too. I've never heard of this character before, but I saw this and was like "Trowa's hair + Wufei's fashion sense = Yang"
bebe--dragon's avatar
I was browsing the popual section and saw this. I at first thought it was Trowa from Gundam Wing too, ahaha.

UdonCrew!! The drawing rocks.
MatchLight's avatar
Sweet pic, I love the stance and the shading.

There's no store in my immediate area that sells these cards or the comics...or even a decent selection of comics period...
dapuretdiva's avatar
I love how yo do the shading, and make them have huge muscles! lol
Toksuki's avatar
pretty-mimi's avatar
amazing i love the pose
he is very muscular
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