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UFS - Hiza Geri

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© 2006 - 2020 UdonCrew
Line Art: Joe Ng
Colors: Shane Law

Action card art for the UFS Street Fighter card game.

UFS System copyright © Sabertooth Games
Characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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alex674Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh that gotta hurt X0
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Is wrong to just laugh at this every time i see it? Awesome pic by the way
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Why is Vega always the punching bag for Ken!? Seriously. He gets a beat all the freakin' time. Let him win once in a always, god... He's one of the weakest Street Fighter characters (sadly enough, because he's my favorite), the only time that he won was against Dan Hibiki and that's basically nothing. I mean, i know that he's a villain, but a good villain that wins once in a while is more menacing than one that loses against every single character.
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I agree.  The guy trained in ninjitsu, for crying out loud.  He just happens to have his own spin on the art, but still.  Even Dan Hibiki would be more kickass if he trained in ninjitsu, that's just how awesome the ninja arts really are.  And if Dan Hibiki could benefit from the ninja arts, just imagine how much someone like Vega would be even more of a hardcore fighter.  But noooooo....
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the great job.
Vega (a.k.a Balrog in Japan) deserves that knee, anyway! Go Ken Masters!
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fatguy88Hobbyist Traditional Artist
he no longer has the face women adore
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RixTwelveProfessional Digital Artist
Can Udoncrew draw Ken VS Sagat??
I Need that Pic so much... :tears:
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Its Ken. Nough said.
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Obscure-DragonHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Like Emeril always says, BAM!!!
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x-raiderHobbyist Traditional Artist
that's it! it's like ken's sayin' "not so pretty anymore, uh?!"
:gallery: [link]
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Hell yea, beat his ass Ken.
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2ndCityCrusaderHobbyist General Artist
Ken rulez!!!!
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Ah! Satisfaction at it's finest!
I hate Vega >< Stupid pansy boy XD
The drawing and coloring on this is amazing might I add! ^^
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If only we could have had someone in the game who knew Muay Koshasan. That would have messed up Vega in less than a minute. Hated how that bastard jumped from the wall at you. Almost as much as I hated fighting Sagat with his inexplicable projectile attacks from his hands.
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Poor Vega... Awesome drawing! :D
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Poor vega????

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That's just mean! :D *Lick Vegas wounds*
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vega gets his ass kicked by ken for a reason...

he sucks ass!!!

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Sucks ass? If he was real he would probably finish you of quick though, *evil laugh*.
And like Ken and Ryu says during Vegas bullfight: He would probably be a though customer in a real battle, and I have seen Vega give more than one Street fighter more than just a scratch. Ken got boh his legs damaged, and lost a huge amount of blood.
And Chun Li was almoust as good as dead in the movie untill she klicked and trew him out the window :D (Stupid woman, throwing handsome men out the window) ^w^
You are alowed to say that you like or don't like a character, but trowing out "suck" and "don't suck" whenever it fits you is inapropriate, one:because he don't suck, and two: other fans get offended, but that's probably what you want right, to get other fans anoyed with you so they start a verbal figth, that contains words that have no point nor meaning, like "suck" :)
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