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UFS - 39th Bushin Master

By UdonCrew
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Artist: Jorge Molina

Character card art for the UFS Street Fighter card game.

UFS System copyright © Sabertooth Games
Street Fighter and related characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Profound Awesomeness
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sneakers ninja rules !!!
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some other people question the porportions, but i think thats just a style. i like it, its interesting. especially like the line work design. that attracted my eye. Great work!
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soo handsome *_*
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Absolutely one of my favorite CAPCOM characters. Excellent job
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sweet! guys the best!
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He looks more random guy than Guy. Not diggin' this.
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My browser is kinda crappy right now or maybe Guy was illustrated delibaretely strange. XD
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Holy crap! Those arms should be on Guile instead! O.O Guy's more an agile type so those arms are weird. But otherwise, I like the muscle structure and whatnot. Good job, Jorge!
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ya the legs looks abit funny but i think it looks pretty BADASS, but his shoulder on our right, doesnt seem to be a rounded surface, it almost looks like its going inward a little. or just a bit flat, a bit of awkward ness. i still like it tho
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It is a great picture, his wrist seems off though, like its too big around for his hand.
One of my favorite characters from the "Final Fight," and "Street Fighter Alpha" series!

Good pose, character design, & facial expression!
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i love this one. great creative style. udon needs more of this!
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Nifty style, but I think the dude could do with a slightly more substantial waistline.
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what's with those arms....there like mountains they look kinda weird....everything else is good.
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very good!!!!!!!
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Stunning characterization..Simply looking good.. Cheers
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They're.....finally bringing Guy out in UFS?.......

Excuse me, I think I'm going to cry! :P

Great artwork as usual!
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nice upper body...

the lower part, i'm not too sure....too skinny?
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