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Track + Field- The Referee

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Omar Dogan
Colours: Espen Grundetjern

Here's a coloured character design sheet of the Ref done for Konami's New International Track & Field video game on Nintendo DS. The game is available now and includes online multiplayer as well as single cartridge multiplayer.

The character is shown from several angles and with a variety of expressions to guide the animators who model and animate the character in 3D.

New International Track & Field and all related material© KONAMI
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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emperorsss's avatar
pretty oldman's child ...
Who that smilely uncle !
sakijane's avatar
Yunosh's avatar
In Track Their called Officials not refs and they usually wear red coats. Sorry not trying to be critical
PaladinArtea's avatar
I am reminded of Mr. Referee!
Scorpion-MK's avatar
Lol they're great! ^^
freeform0782's avatar
very impressive! :D
David-Halo's avatar
Awesome chart! That could translate very well into Low Poly 3d with how expressive and superdeformed he is!
MirkAssassin's avatar
maybe its just where i live but i have NEVER seen a Track ref look like that. the only thing simularities is that he's old and has a stop watch.

other than that good job! looks awesome!
frummel's avatar
another awesome 1 even the ref looks like he can kick some serious butt ! xD :P
digitalillusionary's avatar
Seems to have plenty of win. Like it.
Elemental-Magus's avatar
This is easily my favorite one! =D
aissatan's avatar
I think your "view side" and "view back" are mixed up.

Lol... love the angry face. DX
WolfBlitz2's avatar
looks like an Asian version of a monopoly man
ash808's avatar
sweet. i like the other track and field characters they are more outrageous. the text for the two top right models are switched btw.
UdonCrew's avatar
Ooops. Fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out.
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