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Track + Field- Sparkster

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Omar Dogan
Colours: Espen Grundetjern

Here's a coloured character design sheet of Sparkster the Rocket Knight done for Konami's New International Track & Field video game on Nintendo DS. The game is available now and includes online multiplayer as well as single cartridge multiplayer.

The character is shown from several angles and with a variety of expressions to guide the animators who model and animate the character in 3D.

New International Track & Field and all related material© KONAMI
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Amazing work! Looks great!!
foxheadTails's avatar
This was a fun game and a great charter
BullMoose1912's avatar
Sparkster is certainly a very expressive character!
jigglywigglyx's avatar
Looks like he's balding in the defeated picture lol
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I saw this character sheet ages ago, and loved it; Sparkster being one of my largest heroes. You've done him a great justice in this wonderful piece of work. I admire your talent, all through your gallery.
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I really loved the original Rocket Knight game.
Did Konami also use this concept for Sparkster's appearance in their iPhone game Krazy Kart?
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Marvelous work! :D :D
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this is nice. I made a story with this character in it. He's pretty cool.
Analeil's avatar
Best character ever.
HyperMetalix's avatar
I Knew his cameo apperance in Track and Field was going to lead to a new Sparkster game!
artisticTaurean's avatar
This is awesome. ^___^ I'm actually buying Track & Field JUST because Sparkster's in it. *fangirl!*
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thats a great character , and there are a small quantity of images of the game
megasxlrfan's avatar
hey I love Rocket Knight Adventures and absolutely dig this character design will a new game be produced in the future
RedMcSpoon's avatar
he was a great character
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Oh man! I used to love Rocket Knight, that is so cool!
Oh Man; once more, Udon puts out some quality work:) I gotta ask though; is there a reason why you guys turned him into a mouse? He was an opossum - it's kinda a big deal, since a big part of the level design was having pipes and branches wind through the level that you could hang- and drop- from. I know it's been awhile, and I kinda like the SD style (he sure looks great on the DS screen!), I just wanted to know why the change in animal?

Also, I wanted to know if maybe - just maybe - I could get some comments from a model sheet I did based on the classic 16-bit Sparkster. Gonna model him in 3D, just because he deserves it.


Any comments and criticism are welcome:)
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This was my favorite game on the Sega Genesis!
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nice job! its the perfect modern look for a character thats been gone since the 90's, konami oviously knows we still love em if they put him in Track and Field, now if only we had a new sparkster game...
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i remeber this character i loved that game
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