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Track + Field- Ming Ming

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Omar Dogan
Colours: Espen Grundetjern

Here's a coloured character design sheet of Ming-Ming the Panda done for Konami's New International Track & Field video game on Nintendo DS. The game is available now and includes online multiplayer as well as single cartridge multiplayer.

The character is shown from several angles and with a variety of expressions to guide the animators who model and animate the character in 3D.

New International Track & Field and all related material© KONAMI
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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pugus's avatar
It has a good colour and good congratulations
llNanaya108ll's avatar
M1ng M1ng is aw3s0m3!!!
Elaina27's avatar
the angry ming mign it`s ok x)
leon-gao's avatar
bekkouche's avatar
how you do to get that shining cell of light
Technocrater's avatar
eemm.. let me ask, is she o is him?
shawnaize's avatar
awesome! I wish I could it like you.
JericaWinters's avatar
DEMONxxCHILD's avatar
i like her angry face :D
metalheadkomik's avatar
Yunosh's avatar
Awesome, one of my favs XD
Mista-Koo's avatar
secret character? oh noes spoilers!!!11
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
now we got a midget panda. you guys don't discriminate do you?
HarleyTheProdigy's avatar
ming ming is ripped!
Kazzze's avatar
I like those proect as hell:D but one thing is bad... all angry faces are almost this same...what a pity;p
spinning-rooster's avatar
awsome :ohnoes: i definatley love the angry ming ming!
kudohazamasan's avatar
cool...I thought it was a shyguy for a second...
pedroqn's avatar
good best!!!!
MatchLight's avatar
the poor bamboo didn't stand a chance...

i love this guy.
sykosan's avatar
I want one ^_^
PaladinArtea's avatar
That is one Bad@$$ Panda
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