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TPop-Blizz Warcraft Promo

By UdonCrew
Artist: Saejin Oh

Tokyopop and Blizzard are teaming up for a new series of mangas based on Warcraft and Starcraft. UDON will be providing the covers for these books.

Here is the initial Warcraft promo image. If you're at the New York Comicon this weekend, swing by the Tokypop booth and grab a copy of this promotional poster.

Warcraft and all related elements copyright © Blizzard Entertainment
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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MelodyCupcakes's avatar
hmm looks like a yelling contest (using weapons as accessories)
Wargnoll's avatar
Very nice!!!! Great job
garrettadderley's avatar
this is out of control! i love it!!!!
TaylorMouse's avatar
This should have been the art on the very first Warcraft: Humans vs Orcs game !
Febrilis's avatar
TahMahn's avatar
I have to ask, is this drawing inspired by the last battle in the second war? where Lothar is slain by Orgrim, and Turalyon captures Orgrim by use of the "holy light"?
ahillesus's avatar
Mamzing work - perfectly done.
Kecsap's avatar
Epic! I love the charge in the backgorund :D
Trey129's avatar
Wow! Insanely great work. I love Warcraft, and I love this.

Faved. :D
Amazing :O
Just how much time does this take? oO
monstermo44's avatar
absolutely epic

like full purples :]
fulhamghost's avatar
i can tell already that the paladin won :D :D

For the alliance :D
turboblazer's avatar
I hate how they always make Orcs look like they have roidrage.
braeonArt's avatar
"grrrrrrrrr" No backing down (Alpha-males) Very nice!
Supremehydra's avatar
the orc's axe looks like a super broom, :D, amazing picture
Blackgam3r's avatar
Probably should have made multiple sizes for desktops. Mine has to stretch this one. :(
coffeecoffee's avatar
The Alliance and the Horde...

ZGMF-X20-Freedom's avatar
NCloud's avatar
I just got my SF Tribute book, its amazing, i didnt know u guys did Warcraft, are u doing Warcraft comics too??
UdonCrew's avatar
We're doing covers for Tokyopop's new Warcraft and Starcraft mangas, but we're not doing any art on the interiors.
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