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Street Fighter IV 3A

By UdonCrew
Artist: Arnold Tsang

Here's the cover for our Street Fighter IV mini-series issue #3, coming out today!

Check out preview pages from this issue HERE!

Story by Ken Siu-Chong
Art by Joe Ng

It’s bad girl VS school girl as Crimsom Viper makes Sakura her latest target! How does Sakura fit into the S.I.N. organization’s plan.. and why would they want Dan Hibiki as well? The answers could be DARKER than anyone suspects!

Street Fighter and all related characters © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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Itachi2789's avatar
tight scene covered on that evasion duck block!
takuchan27's avatar
just amazing !
soulessone12's avatar
This isn't going to end well
zzzzxx's avatar
You know, C.Viper leg-spreading flaming attacks reminds me of the ones that I-No does in Guilty Gear X serie (the ones I call "laser shooting pussy attacks")
SpeakEnglish's avatar
Dude... Dude... Arnistotle... This is f*cking ill! There's so much to talk about! I can't even get it in words. So beast, man...
joeFJ's avatar
Amazing. And convinient censorship btw lol.
SkurvyD's avatar
Such foot work and orange blaze fury! I love it!
lonewolf567's avatar
love the coloring
mangekyo8885's avatar
I like the way you did crimson viper
kurodeshiro's avatar
awesome work man
jayrich20's avatar
The most Badass MILF in fighting games! Sakura's about to get a lesson.
Sephirothic7's avatar
This picture is cool
Suiji's avatar
chargable hadokens ftw
SenretsuShou's avatar
Cool ! it`s looks like c.viper is making a spining bird kick
AkatsukiAkuma53421's avatar
awesome fight scene c. viper is the best
rairyu's avatar
AznWolverine's avatar
what a dynamic cover. this could be the cover to the next SF game. its brilliant
Tailsvader's avatar
Is that Chun-Li's Spinning bird Kick? Awesome job this kicks so much ass!
PhantomHourglass's avatar
Im rooting for you Sakura
Caleb-Brown's avatar
he is so amazing
valeriovega's avatar

from the preview, I thought that sakura had a very big hand...
GrungeWerXshop's avatar
The-Bacon-Thief's avatar
I love this cover. Sakura will always be my favorite in the Street Fighter universe. Udon, you never cease to amaze.
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