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Street Fighter IV 2

By UdonCrew
Artist: Arnold Tsang

UDON's Street Fighter IV #1 comic is in stores now!

Here's the cover for our Street Fighter IV mini-series issue #2, which will arrive in April.

Story by Ken Siu-Chong
Art by Joe Ng

Delve into the secret origins of Seth, the all-new final boss of Street Fighter IV! Who is this powerful figure, and what is his connection to classic characters like M. Bison and Cammy? At the same time Sakura, Dan, and El Fuerte square off against Rufus, the master of mail-order martial arts!

Street Fighter and all related characters © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2009 - 2021 UdonCrew
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lucaschannel07's avatar
Is that cammy in the background? What connection does she have to Seth?
JinKotozame's avatar
Seth I'll see you in the next battle. Oh. Ultimate drawing by the way.
Cold-metal-fist's avatar
damn, the seth is insane
TomBadguy's avatar
Anything with Seth is awesome.
b1k's avatar
This looks epic! Is it out anywhere else besides America?
stardroidjean's avatar
This is some cool shit!
AznWolverine's avatar
I saw this cover and it really reminded me of Kinu Nishimura's work. I think she's the best artist Capcom has had. Though its hard to say. Capcom must be delighted to have your company rockin house with the SF characters.
Brizeycon's avatar
Seth is gay, big let down for me as the main boss in SF4,
Adrianfd's avatar
amazing colours. Checking out ur gallery right away :cofeecup:
DarkRaven64's avatar
Very nice cover, Cammy looks sweet and Seth is challenging!
dio-03's avatar
i absolutly love this cover!
Lun-Sei's avatar
no, don't tell me that even the official Udon comic has forgot, like every western person, that Seth has the I-Ching elemental symbols all around the dao in his abdomen.....?
UdonCrew's avatar
This piece of art was actually done quite a while ago, before Seth's design was complete. Don't worry, from here on we get it all in there. :)
yomilo's avatar
Seth is haaaard, but is cool, games are not hard nowadays cuz n00bs complains too much
Guilles's avatar
Awesome! Ill make sure to pick this one up next time I go to the comicshop.

BTW can you upload more cool cammy pics pleease?
humantheoryofthesun's avatar
can i use your images for my own tags, i will credit you for the image and i will not claim it as my own =D
kyenhikaru's avatar
aw seth is such a cheating bitch...
Motorfish's avatar
Love the coloring on this!
jonathanvair's avatar
Arnold Tsang's stuff was some of my favourites in "Art of Capcom", second only to Christine Choi.

Does Christine have her art online anywhere? Googling for it is surprisingly difficult. :(
UdonCrew's avatar
Christine doesn't have a website or DA page at this point, unfortunately.
jonathanvair's avatar
How sad. Thank you for your response.
PhillipQHudson's avatar
is that my girl Rose in the back?
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