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Street Fighter IV 1B

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Joe Ng
Colours: Espen Grundetjern

Here's the alternate cover for our Street Fighter IV mini-series issue #1.

Coming from UDON on February 18, 2009, a new cast of World Warriors takes center stage in the Street Fighter IV mini-series. Based on quite possibly the most anticipated fighting game ever, the 4-issue Street Fighter IV mini-series puts the spotlight on hot new characters like the enigmatic Crimson Viper, amnesiac brawler Abel, spicy Mexican wrestler El Fuerte, and chubby kung-fu fighter Rufus.

Street Fighter and all related characters © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2009 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Epic man love it !
Street fighter abel good man
DungeonMistress's avatar
omg. abel. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
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Not bad the guy in the background in green I wonder who that is?
ok, for those of you who dont know charlies history here goes, Charlie is a first liutenant of the USA airforce, he met guile and became really close friends, both of the use the sonic boom although charlie is more skilled than guile, cuz charlie throws the sonic boom with one hand and his flash kick is more powerful , charlie went on a mission to stop shadaloo and his evil plans but he failed the mission when he tryed to infiltrate shadaloos base, he was captured by bison and was used in some experiments, at that time, guile was also searching for charlie and entered the street fighter tournament, charlie became an experiment for bison and his mind was brainwashed and thus he bacame a puppet called "shadow" , shadow charlie obeyed bisons orders, until he met guile again, while guile was still searching for him, both of them fought and guile was able to clear charlies mind and he became a good guy again, after that happened bison appeared and both of them engaged a fight against him inside shadaloos base, shadaloos hideout was about to get nuked by missiles while charlie, gauile and bison were still fighting, so charlie grabbed bison and told guile to get out of the base cuz it was gonna blow, guile ran out of the base while charlie and bison were still inside, the base exploded along with charlie and bison, thus bison didnt die he scaped somehow, so theres a slight hope that charlie is still alive, thats why abel tells guile in street fighter 4, that he has seen that move somewhere else the "sonic boom"
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Haven't been able to find this issue... :(
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EEE! My 2 favorite characters (Abel and Charlie) are in the same picture!!!! I can't wait to buy the comic!!!!!!

On a side note, anybody ever think that Abel and Seth might be twins? I mean since they have the same facial structure and all. Also, Bison's evil harming my fav charaters, yet he's still so cool...

PS:He's alive!!!!!!! Charlie's alive!!!!!( I hope...)
Cardboredbox's avatar
*points* Charlie's on the cover..... HMMMM....
DarkRaven64's avatar
Nice to see Charlie in the comic and cover, Guile should go back to the past to find him again.

charlie? he's my favourite!!!!

but he's alive? and has something to do with abel's past ?

UdonCrew's avatar
Abel's history takes place before Charlie's death actually. He's not back. he's still "dead"

thats a drag. oh well i can dream of a comic book issue in the future where he's alive
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Charlie is involved?
This is going to be intense.
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Abel is my new fav SF4 Character, good job.
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Wait a second now.. Charlie is alive during SFIV storyline? or does this comic take place before SFII?
UdonCrew's avatar
Abel's origin includes pre SF2 story material which has Charlie in it.
Is there a lot of art in the hint book that comes with the collector's edition of Street Fighter 4?
rairyu's avatar
Love the artwork.
LuisManuel316's avatar
Who's the guy above Charlie?
UdonCrew's avatar
That's a character from Abel's origin story.
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