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Street Fighter II Turbo 4b

By UdonCrew
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Line Art: Joe Ng
Paints: Adam Vehige

Here's the B cover for issue #4.

Street Fighter II Turbo #4
On sale NOW

Kick it into Turbo! The Hong Kong finals conclude as a Chun-Li takes on five deadly Shaolin fighters at once! Can even the strongest woman in the world prevail against the fighting styles of the Snake, Mantis, Crane, Monkey and Tiger?

Plus – a Street Fighter IV bonus story featuring the all-new character Rufus! Is this chunky fighter just another joke…or is his Kung Fu good!?

Street Fighter and all related characters © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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Never before has eating popcorn look so profound as though the fate of the universe depended on it.
DekaHussein's avatar
DekaHussein Digital Artist
really awesome !
mastershepard53's avatar
uuhhhhhhh JAPAN REALLY!
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DarqfangofSeidoStudent Writer
Rufus is SO out of stereotype for overweight people that he wound up on the Screwattack Top Ten Fat Guys list. He didn't make #1, but he was among the top five.

Personally, I say he should have made number one.
naruto162's avatar
naruto162Hobbyist General Artist
If Chun-Li can handle Gen, what's three more kung fu styles?
Twizzler93's avatar
Twizzler93Hobbyist General Artist
Good lord Rufus is so fat
naruto162's avatar
naruto162Hobbyist General Artist
What else is new
PureCowStyle's avatar
PureCowStyleHobbyist Artist
he is from uesey, right?
flockawocka's avatar
flockawockaHobbyist Traditional Artist
"I require butter for this popcorn!!!"
Belinda92's avatar
Belinda92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I died several times looking at this.
cey-cey's avatar
cey-ceyProfessional Interface Designer
great ...
franzmcz's avatar
franzmczProfessional Digital Artist
"Bring it on.meatball"
b1k's avatar
b1kHobbyist Filmographer
I saw this on a music video tribute to him on You Tube. Excellent picture!
Jesscookie's avatar
He's pretty quick for an abnormally fat person. He must be eating magical popcorn back there... e_e
Fried-Ricer-Man's avatar
despite one's girth if one is trained well he\she can achieve feats of gymnastics and flexibility, people like Boom Boom Betty, Vader Viking and Big Show of the wrestling world are quite plump but can leave people awestruck with there cartwheels and spins, even Jake Black is quick on his feet and even has decent Kung Fu skills. :)
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SilentJ1 General Artist
I think he should lose some pounds there...
Ardrak's avatar
wolfunit's avatar
Yeah kick that popcorns ass. lol
Arty2sheds's avatar
Well int he just the fat bastard o.o
TobiusMcKenzie's avatar
TobiusMcKenzieStudent General Artist
Rufus seriously uses obesity to his advantage in SFIV xD thats why i love him :P
jon-hill987's avatar
jon-hill987Hobbyist Photographer
You've fought the rest! Now try and get in close with my gut in the way!
Niyi-t's avatar
Woah.... can i ask what program this was created in
UdonCrew's avatar
The colouring was all done in Photoshop. The line art was pencil on standard comic art board.
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NokadotaProfessional General Artist
I randomly picked Rufus in SF4 and promptly kicked my buddy's ass, all over the screen. It was disgustingly beautiful. :cry:
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