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Street Fighter II Turbo 4a

By UdonCrew
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Artist: Jeffrey 'Chamba' Cruz

Issue #4 of our series will be out the week after Street Fighter IV hits stores. It's a great time to be a Street Fighter fan!

Check out Chamba's step-by-step on creating line art for this cover HERE.

Street Fighter II Turbo #4
On sale: February 25 2009

Kick it into Turbo! The Hong Kong finals conclude as a Chun-Li takes on five deadly Shaolin fighters at once! Can even the strongest woman in the world prevail against the fighting styles of the Snake, Mantis, Crane, Monkey and Tiger?

Plus – a Street Fighter IV bonus story featuring the all-new character Rufus! Is this chunky fighter just another joke…or is his Kung Fu good!?

Street Fighter and all related characters © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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Question, why Akuma looks like he is still in his 30s?
The dark-hadou has antiaging effects on the one who uses it?
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Awesome job capturing the power of all four Ansatsuken warriors with detailed expressions, well proportioned poses and the flow of energy throughout the piece.
Apocalypsis2's avatar
hhaa, makes kind of sense
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He has to defeat him to stand a chance!
Madpredator's avatar
I would like to see Akuma in his normal form....
I want a poster of this.
theEPICsonbon's avatar
akuma you dick :3
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freakin awesome!!!
PJMarts1's avatar
This is a must have...
Awesome effects on the Hadoukens!
ethrez's avatar
how come gouka is wearing akumas "necklace"? i mean why at least they both arent wearing it, because its been akumas symbol since i can remember:)
Hoye's avatar
Love this one !
jeffagala's avatar
This one is awesome! Super iconic.
Red-08's avatar
Awesome job. ^^
BahamutAXIOM's avatar
THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! A++++ to everything! Although I wouldn't imagine Akuma to take such good care of his teeth.
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