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Street Fighter II Turbo 3a

By UdonCrew
Artist: Jeffrey 'Chamba' Cruz

Check out Chamba's step-by-step on creating the issue #3 cover HERE.

Street Fighter II Turbo #3
On sale: December 2008
KICK IT INTO TURBO! The action shifts to Hong Kong, where Sagat hosts the Chinese leg of the Street Fighter Tournament qualifying rounds. Chun-Li, Fei-Long, Adon and Dhalsim give it their all for a spot in the tournament, and a chance to be named the world’s greatest warrior! Plus, a bonus story featuring the all-new Street Fighter IV character El Fuerte!

Street Fighter and all related characters © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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jheinked's avatar
freakin awesome!
LuckySoup's avatar
ahah i jus bought the comic book of this today! when is the part of chun li kicking their asses gonna come out? :D
UdonCrew's avatar
Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li issue 31 comes out in January.
LuckySoup's avatar
sweet, cheers!
deviljun's avatar
Nice! Chun Li Rox
Gargu's avatar
These guys got their cheek bones seriously low.
vanaseph's avatar
Is that who I think it is?? Bruce Lee?? This is AMAZing work!!!
UdonCrew's avatar
The character is actually Fei Long, but his design and inspiration is based off of Bruce Lee, so you're mostly correct. :)
vanaseph's avatar
Ohs,that is awsome!, Yeah I am a fan of Mr. Lee.
Cenaris's avatar
Adon in Street Fighter II? Next we'll be getting Guile in Street Fighter III.

Fantastic art anyway.
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
i can feel the energy on this....awesome!
Sagess's avatar
I love Chun Li :D
Really ncie drawing
Yunosh's avatar
Ownerest's avatar
Fei Long really looks like Bruce Lee here.
papel1's avatar
Krazy composition. Use of space and placement of characters is very good. Cant help but telling you man, everything you do always has Chamba look. Thats just you, good job.
Altheran's avatar
Adon is the shit! Love that dude's moves: "woooo!"
042874's avatar
Wow! Chunli and Feilong... My favorite!
skywarp-2's avatar
Smooth as usual!!!
nonnel's avatar
that's real impressive and i can see that street fighter is the thang you love to do keep it up
artHeLLo's avatar
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