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Street Fighter II Turbo 2a

By UdonCrew
Artist: Jeffrey 'Chamba' Cruz

Chamba's cover for Street Fighter II Turbo #2, which will arrive in stores this November.

A step-by-step of Chamba's process for creating this image can be found here.

This series continues our storyline into the main World Warrior tournament with more action and intensity than ever before.

Have you asked your local comic retailer to reserve your copy yet?

Retailers put in their orders for November soon, so please let them know as soon as possible that you want to subscribe to the new Street Fighter series!

Your continuing support for our work helps us grow and kick butt. Thank you!

Street Fighter and all related characters © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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chunlistrongestqueen's avatar
OFCOURSE,cammy never wins againt the strongest sexy queen chunli!!

Cammy is second rate eternaly.
naruto162's avatar
For a second there, I thought that was B.B. Hood
Yokazeryuu's avatar
For a moment, I thought the preview was B.B. Hood!
Sucrilhus's avatar
You Win!

viciousjaws's avatar
HappyEmoChildPSN's avatar
OMG pure awesomeness Cammy snipes Chun-li. it's about damn time lol.
winwinsituation's avatar
Cammy snipes? <3
haha. Awesome pic. Great job.
Que-Lastima's avatar
Pull the trigger!! 8D
spartanlily's avatar
cammy is being cheap because she knows she can't beat chun-li heads on. anyways, i bet she will miss that shot.
John-Bubbles's avatar
poor Chun-li x__x
Volocitize's avatar
I love Cammy but I love Chun-Li moar!!!
CoryCow's avatar
Dammit Cammy is such a Bison whore, lol! I hope she missed. :P
reverseblade's avatar
YEAH! GET HER! XD Love it. =D
Eliut's avatar
I love it ! :) and I love Cammy too !!!
Constantinos-Milonas's avatar
nkdk's avatar
i can't believe
Xeromander's avatar
It is pieces like this that keep me interested in Chamba's work. Good job mate!
animBoi's avatar
very cool, like the depth of field on the rifle.
LuisaRafidi's avatar
Since I don't think there are any retailers in Rio de Janeiro that sell UDON comics, I'll have to buy them through Amazon.
viniciustlc's avatar
Holy shit!This is wonderful!!!
WaltLindsay's avatar
Love the shading on this. Doesn't the scope flip the image upside down and right/left are reversed?
Scorpion-MK's avatar
Very nice work ^^
blutastic's avatar
Wow. The perspective is... wow. :o
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