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Street Fighter II Turbo 1 pg15

By UdonCrew
Artist: Jeffrey 'Chamba' Cruz

Interior page from Street Fighter II Turbo #1, in stores today!

This series continues our storyline into the main World Warrior tournament with more action and intensity than ever before.

Your continuing support for our work helps us grow and kick butt. Thank you!

Street Fighter and all related characters © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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This illustration has faithfully as sense of the Beautiful,... Beautiful!

M. Bison: Eyes of the tonality of a White Dwarf Star.


these are the links to my works



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How much you want to bet that the next word Ryu says starts with a "S"......Anyway fantastic JOB!!!......Keep it up....The lightning really sets the mood for that epic slowdown/time-stop moment before something explodes type moment.....So.....Yeah..... Great!
i want one i want one!!!
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Awesome, the coloring it's like (or better) anime from tv.
amanjets's avatar
poopy my pants!
Trotamor's avatar
amazing perspective!:O
nice colors, nice forms & drawing.
Comolo's avatar
this is gokilll!
Enerqy's avatar
the detail is flippin amazing! good work!
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i have a question....

WHY DON'T YOU GUYS PUBLISH THESE COMICS IN INDIA??i really want to read them!!so do allot of street fighter fans in india!
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Setting up foreign licensing for our comics in different countries is a difficult and time consuming process. We're focused on getting the issues done more than we are securing foreign translation. Street Fighter comics we've done have been published in French, Japanese and Spanish, but they haven't been released in India yet.
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i don't think that translation is necessary.why don't you guys sell the english version here.
indians prefer reading the english version rather than hindi.
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Our distributor (Diamond Distribution) doesn't distribute to India, so the only way to get the English version is to have it shipped to you instead of on store shelves, unfortunately.
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sweet dude
plz colour my work're a colour genius(yes also story character bg and the whole package-no jokes)
but it would just open new doors to see how you would colour up something Ive done
a drawing jam sometime?
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Coll job, love these pages
aznanimevietboi's avatar
man thats awesome ..i love u guys ..i want to just like you
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Awesome :D Awesome :D
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Ryu is so ready to do a dragonpunch sombody gonna eat itt hard anyway looks like itt
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Nice atmosphere ; ) I like the color feeling of this pic.
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