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Street Fighter II 3 Cover

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Alvin Lee
Colors: Gary Yeung

Cover artwork for UDON's Street Fighter II #3.

The third Street Fighter comic trade paperback is in stores now, collecting issues #1-6 of the Street Fighter II comic series!

Go to and our SF 3rd collection page for details on where you can order the book, as well as other UDON comic info.

Street Fighter and all related characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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Shouly-Jona's avatar
What the hell is doing kyo Kusanagi in here
Lol she do look like him
zzzzxx's avatar
Finally some redemption and attention for and to the second hugest among the street fighters (first is HUGO!)
simpleguyfa's avatar
TheToonDevil's avatar
I don't like how I heard you guys tried pairing up Chun-Li with Ryu. If anything, Sakura should be Ryu's girl friend. I want Chun-Li to be mine, all mine...
UdonCrew's avatar
If you've read our comic, you'd know that we've never had Chun-Li and Ryu paired up in our story. I'm not sure where you've heard that, but it's just not true.
TheToonDevil's avatar
I got it from, thank for clearing that up for me. ^.^

When does Chun's comic books come out, I would like to subscribe to her comic series. By the way, are you guys working with the movie production to (The Legend of Chun-Li)?
trumi's avatar
very nice picture with an interesing style.
Neat and beautiful work.
If you like Chun li,
please take a look at my picture of her and comment,ok ?
Norite-Kinen's avatar
Faved, not only for the fact it has Juli in it but I also own this issue as well
derroj's avatar
it's so beautiful i think i'm going to be sick
mistressofnightmares's avatar
Really awesome. I really love the concentrated expressions and the poses of everyone. Except fot the one who seems like she is glaring. XD
Spritekins's avatar
Love the detail!
Spritekins's avatar
Love the detail!
Freaky-Tah's avatar
I like the composition of this one, because ther's nobody in the center, so you have to look around and see everything without beiong disturbed by a centre of attention. The background is interesting too, with soft and warm colours that enhance the global tone. I really like it !
Narze's avatar
is perfect! no more words!!!!
NomedDemon's avatar
I can't get enough of the sharp and drastic perspectives you use with the characters. Awesome as always.
Arathornbr's avatar
Insane perspective!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE!
Man, that chest scares me. o.O"
Toksuki's avatar
this si awsome!!! your drawings are awsome!
Tha-RIPPER's avatar
Woooah! Alvin and Gary make detail GOOD! Cammy detail good :) RIPPER like Cammy lady!... detailz
RodrigoSalles's avatar
Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O
paolog's avatar
i tot that chick with the bandana was kyo kusanagi hehe
blumarta's avatar
Beautifull dinamic.
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