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Street Fighter II 0 Cover

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Alvin Lee
Colors: Gary Yeung

This impressive montage was used as a cover for UDON's Street Fighter II issue #0.

Characters are copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2006 - 2022 UdonCrew
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Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Very beautiful and epic depiction of an awesome roster of fighters.  The line art, colors, and details are polished and capture the vibes of the old school and new school Street Fighter titles.
vladtobrazil's avatar
Hi I was looking for some Balrog art on the internet and cant find any real good ones. Does Udon allow commissions?
Adamantiel's avatar
Oh my. That's my initial reaction to seeing this. Hell has a face! Actually, quite a few by the looks of it! Not sure about anybody else, but Akuma stands out in this one for me. As if he's controlling it all. Like Ultron. "I got no strings on me!"
palowsky's avatar
I got a copy of #0, in it's protective bag and board too!
vanngamer79's avatar
The game that helped change fighting games forever!
very impressive!!!
MDTartist83's avatar
This is simply some of the best artwork I've ever seen. I love it.
SavageAssasin's avatar
Guess whos the center of attention...akuma!
MindCarrot's avatar
dude this is badass. this should be a poster!
UdonCrew's avatar
It is, actually.

Some stores may still have them. It was released as the Street Fighter: World Warriors poster.
MindCarrot's avatar
i must find this. my god its badass. good work!
Gortez's avatar
How it's possible to put so many characters in so little space,I will neve know.

It even lookawesomen top of that!!
the-biggest-lebowski's avatar
The gang's all here! Is this available as a poster? It certainly kicks ass!
UdonCrew's avatar
It is a poster actually. You can find it being sold by several online retailers as the "World Warriors" UDON poster.
derroj's avatar
i love it great job on the composition
DJ-VGamer's avatar
This is tight but Get Ryu out of there and Put Guile in the Front and M.Bison should in the Backround where Akuma is cause M.Bison and Guile kill every one

Nice Pic Though lol
yume-angel's avatar
thats so awesome!
i like chun li's pose alot the panties in big butt crack is a plus
Canadiano's avatar
awesome! :D love it!
street fighter II was, is, and always will be one of my all time favorite games.

have to fav :star: this cover :D
KurayamiTamashii's avatar
Nice I love UDON comics :D
Koricthegreat's avatar
hey where am I at? does no one care for Guy? Am I not awsome enough? :cry: waaah nobody likes mee!!! This pic is freakin awsome
EvilMaiden's avatar
cool...years i havent play the game...:XD:
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