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Street Fighter 4 Cover

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Alvin Lee
Colors: Arnold Tsang

Cover artwork for UDON's Street Fighter #4 from 2003.

Street Fighter and all related characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2007 - 2021 UdonCrew
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The difference in size reminds me of Goku and Broly
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Oh, snap! It's so easy to forget that Sagat is over seven feet tall, making him one of the tallest characters in "Street Fighter" for sure. :XD:
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 I like how vega is at the bottom of the pic
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The fuck, is ryu fighting a human or a bear???
I love how Sagat just towers like an impossible challenge in front of Ryu. 
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David and Goliath meet again!

It's interesting, because the only thing moving in the picture is not human. It's a piece of slime from Balrog's mouth. Very subtle! This picture really captures the mood of the feeling of what must be going on inside all their heads, mostly the front ones Ryu and Sagat.
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Ryu's headband and clothes are also moving. 
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Yeah, for a minute I thought I was commenting on the wrong picture. XD

But yeah, you're right, I just didn't mean that.

"The only thing moving in the pictures is not human" still stands cus those (clothes, headband) are inanimate objects, not human.

I just meant that it stands out as the things that are moving, other than the obvious headband and clothes which you invariably find moving in all these pictures of Ryu.
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Sagat is a monster or a human. How he can have this height and this stronger body man :( (Sad). Ok is a game. =P (Razz) 
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Poor Sagat. I'll send flowers. 
dude, sagat is no rookie. he has beaten ryu in the past before, thats how he got the scar. 
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Wait... didn't he lose that fight... and that's how he got the scar?
no, Sagat won the official match(by pinning him), he then offered to help Ryu up afterward, and at that moment Ryu turned into "evil Ryu" for a second and then gave him that scar. 
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Hmm. Either way, my money is on Sagat this time!! 
all I'm saying, he's no push over. 
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hi was wondering if i can use this pic ?? not the pic itself but if i was to change it on photoshop to suit a tshirt design do i have to buy it from you ect ive seen it on google and its pretty cool just asking if ppl are allowed to use it or if u have to pay even if u change it 
ill pay if i have to just wondering or has it been purchased by someone else ect ???? or is it even for sale ????
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Such a Great Piece!
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Sagat should be scared, hehehe Go Ryu!
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wow this is good its like if you where right there in the picture
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HOLY SHIT ITS NATHAN JONES lol kidding its a good pic
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shadaloo i think?
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I used too much continues at this round... Super Street Fighter II The New Challenger in Super NES in one of the best game ever :D
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beautiful coloring...
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