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Street Fighter 0 Cover

By UdonCrew
Artist: Arnold Tsang

A blast from the past. This image was used as the cover to UDON's Street Fighter issue 0, a special convention-only comic released during the summer of 2003.

Characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2006 - 2022 UdonCrew
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Always loved this one!! :D 
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This illustration has faithfully as sense of the Beautiful,... Beautiful!

M. Bison: Eyes of the tonality of a White Dwarf Star.




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I have this poster :3
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DAMN!!! look at that Gilley!
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thats my favourite udon street fighter pic.
so much energy in it
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great painting, very smooth
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man what program do you use to make that draw
Sweet stuff. I love the CE colored version the best. You gonna upload that as well?
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Great work! Keep it up!
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what kind of lineart is this ? i mean you draw it with a pen or pencil ?then you scanned and you adjust the levels ? please tell me cus i wanna put my art in here but i wanna try with another kind of lineart.

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man you made that street fighter 0 cover??
ryu is down.

you should do a tutorial about coloring that style and the line art , to add color to the line art ^^

it will be great , i draw too ^^
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im asking to the autor of the image ... how did you did the line art ? i mean its a line art that you draw , or you use the pen tool of the photoshop tool bar?

respond to
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It was actually drawn and inked physically before being colored digitally.
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because i make the digital inked in photoshop with the pen tool
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this is hot :D +fav
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