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Starcraft Frontline 3

By UdonCrew
Artist: Saejin Oh

Another Tokyopop/Blizzard manga cover illo, this one for StarCraft: Frontline Volume 3, which should be in stores by mid July.

Starcraft and all related elements copyright © Blizzard Entertainment
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2009 - 2021 UdonCrew
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"Entaro Tassadar!!"

"For Artanis!!"
-High Templar(actually zealot quotes)
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dude, is that pic from the third book of the Dark templar saga?
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It looks sorta of a High Templar
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The details blow my mind away!
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Adun the templari!!!
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"EN TARO TASSADAR!!!!!!!!!!"
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"En taro Tassadar!" ~ Protoss Zealot
This picture is damn epic! Love the detailing!
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Ah! The detail on this one is amazing! Nice choice of colours!
Protoss Kick ass all the time!!
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my life for aiur :D
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Two of my favorite things combined- Udon artists and Blizzard concepts. Love it! :3
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it's Enerjak desing based in this character?
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Starcraft is awesome
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cant wait for starcraft 2 XD
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Protoss will triumph in the end!
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Awesome protoss drawing:thumbsup:
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you need to construct additional pylon.
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