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Scroll of the Exalts Cover

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Steven Cummings
Paints: Saejin Oh

Cover artwork for the Exalted 2nd Edition RPG supplement Scroll of the Exalts. The composition and character posing are meant to homage the famous 1st edition Player's Handbook cover painting, only with Exalted signature characters standing in for the originals.

Exalted and all related characters copyright © White Wolf Publishing
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2009 - 2021 UdonCrew
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What a brilliant homage to an old classic.Wonderful stuff in it's own right though.
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Love the robot he's cute...
PaladinArtea's avatar
this is just pure awesome
Man, I love Cynis Avaku. Thanks for including him.
joe-7's avatar
Awesome! Remembers me about Yattaman!:)
thathobothere's avatar
lol awesome I saw this and I knew I had to fav it, I'm a big D&D player so this made me laugh. Keep it up!
Very cool! How was it decided what characters would be put on the cover?
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The Art Director wanted one of each Exalt type, and tried to pick ones who would work visually with the original composition. This scene isn't a real event, just an homage of the Player's Handbook with Exalted characters.
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The guy on the left is so badass :D
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wow grate background and amazing colors
jpnunezdesigns's avatar
Looks like a lot of work
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...why is kejak not busily destroying everyone else?
Lavertue's avatar
Haha I was thinking the same thing
Zodiac-Kitten's avatar
Wheres the lunar...or is that wolflooking man who..seems dead at the foot of the statue the lunar haha

wonderful work as always!
Epic Even!
urban-barbarian's avatar
EXCELLENT homage! Love it!
ThundahMunkee's avatar
Looks very interesting. I'm inclined to check out Exalted now for curiosity of what it is you're depicting here, the characters, weapons, etc. So, mission accomplished.
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The coloring is beautiful and I love the attention to detail in the drawing. Awesome illustration!
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Reminds me somewhat of the Dr. Strange movie Liongates produced. The animation style is relatively similar
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fantastic! very nice work.
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