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SF2 0 Special Cover

By UdonCrew
Line Art: Pencils and inks by Alvin Lee
Colors: Espen Grundetjern

This image was created as a special alternate cover for a printing of Street Fighter II issue #0 released to bookstores. Since then it's been used as an iconic image for several other Street Fighter-related products.

Characters copyright © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2006 - 2021 UdonCrew
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grandpagohan1's avatar
I adore the idea of these two as a couple and desperately want this on a shirt.
These two are my favorite since Street Fighter 2.
BasiliusGalenus's avatar
one of my absolute favorite :D
nextdoorgamer's avatar
this image make my eyes smile 
StarlyBelle's avatar
Whoaaa! This is amazing! :D
KdiOtox's avatar
Beautiful, Beautiful!

Eyes of the tonality of a White Dwarf Star.


TenxKun's avatar
Awesome artwork.Chun-Li looks amazing!!!!
Mayleth's avatar
Awesome! Chun-li and Ryu team up!!
th3redbutterfly's avatar
chun-li and ryu ... awesome...
are they in love??
however this is nice :)
MR-SKETCHE5's avatar
My favorite art here on DA... this is truly awesome. Alvin Lee and Espen art great! :)
ODH77's avatar
StreetKnights901's avatar
rairyu's avatar
Awesome picture.
UltimateGameMaster's avatar
Those two have such great chemistry...
I'm currently getting this piece tattooed on my right forearm
BigBDawg001's avatar
I love how cool Ryu and Chun-Li look here. Next thing ya know, they're likely to do some of their special moves on ya! I kinda envy you guys for your skills. No way could I even match up to that! But I keep on tryin' anyway! :)

gokhanproject's avatar
DarthIchigo's avatar
Lovely Ryu-Chunli art, imagine if they had baby, that kid be the most amazing fighter ever.
TheToonDevil's avatar
Love Chun-Li, hate Ryu. (Ryu must die, then Chun-Li's all mine!)
Sorry to break it to ya buddy, but Ryu would of blown you away faster then you can blink XD
eric89's avatar
sick picture man >,<
Love their Back-To-Back Stance! Cool pic, with great facial expressions, color use, and attention to detail overall!
jrh161's avatar
How did I miss this in your gallery? Awesome!
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