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SF Tribute- Omar Dogan

By UdonCrew
Artist: Omar Dogan

The Street Fighter Tribute book launches next week at the San Diego Comicon!
UDON is at booth #5368.

Here is Omar Dogan's Street Fighter Tribute illustration. He will be selling a limited edition art print of this piece at the con.

The softcover version of the Tribute book comes out this Fall, with the hardcover limited edition on sale online and at conventions throughout the summer.

Street Fighter and all related characters © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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who is   omar dragon??
Hi UdonCrew,

I’m trying to start up a small newspaper group, and would like to feature artwork directly from artists (rather than go through a syndicate.)

Do you have any pages that you’d be interested in letting me run in our (one-time run rights)?

(I'd like to do a 8-page feature spread, and pay $100 for one-time use, with all rights still belonging to you.)

Let me know,
John Shepherd
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Hmmm....I REALLY don't think you want to go THAT way Sakura-chan!  Too much "drama!"
Lets go to the Mall instead,  MUCH safer!  Ha! ;)
Great artwork Omar!
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Street Fighter will never be whole without Dan Hibiki. It's just impossible.
Hey guys, awesome stuff. I was wondering if at all possible; would I be able to get a hold of a single high rez copy of the picture of Chun Li handcuffing Dan from the "Art of Capcom 2" book? It's page 73 and how much would that cost?
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dan is so epic...
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espero conocerte algun dia!!!!!!! cuando dibuje mejor subire mis dibujos aki :)
pachaline's avatar
soy tu fan!!! xD adoro como dibujas! tengo un profe q dibuja como tu! y espero poder llegar a dibujar como ustedes te felicito!!!!!! desd venezuela!
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Ha, a day in the life of Sakura, love what you have Dan doing and Zangief is well. . . . Zangief. Love the colours and the expressions.
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Bought the book.

It's amazing!
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This a perfect piece of work :)
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wow she is soooo cute like that, and so is the whole image, lol dan.
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I remember playing Chun Li in the SF video games. I had way too much fun. Ken and Ryu were so hard to play. (I KI YA!) i found it hard to get their chi out of their hands!
Ggsoulsister's avatar
Are you using the multiply pen technique?
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Cute expression, is that Pocky I see ? XD
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This is soooo great! Sugoi sugoi ^^
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Love Sakura's cute expression
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did u draw that on wacom?
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