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SF Tribute- Andrew Hou

By UdonCrew
Artist: Andrew Hou

The Street Fighter Tribute book launches this week at the San Diego Comicon!
UDON is at booth #5368.

Here is Andrew Hou's Tribute illustration. Each artist in the book created an anniversary pin-up in their own style. We'll have a limited edition art print of this piece at the con.

The softcover version of the Tribute book comes out this Fall, with the hardcover limited edition on sale at conventions throughout the summer.

Street Fighter and all related characters © CAPCOM
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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© 2008 - 2021 UdonCrew
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UdonCrew i have the sdcc 1/6 print of this, where can i get it authenticated and sign from andrew hou?. It has the capcom stamp on the bottom right corner. please send me a message on how I can proceed with an authentication and signature from the artist. Thanks
Akuma: "Satsui-no-Hado for life, bitches!"
colin6969's avatar
A Damn fine piece ! :)
steladeus's avatar
dude can i barrow this i want to put it on my time line
aprecio's avatar
You are a true artist.
ResidentBigEvil's avatar
its like a lobo-akuma hybrid or lobo & akuma had a child...
PCDesignAndDraw's avatar
Holy **** that sir, is absolutely stunning. No other words for it. Amazing.
daboss1989's avatar
very very excellent!!
RagingModernGhost's avatar
That could be a potential alternate uniform.
KougaWuvs's avatar
that's cool looking
My fav. Akuma, evorrrr : )
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I wonder if he Shun Goku Satsu's to start his bike.

Badass work.
lex2009's avatar
Beyond awesome :D
Buscando-Equilibrio's avatar
damn thats one scary akuma !
KelvxnJR's avatar
What a great idea. It must have been difficult to get it to work with a mysterious character like akuma/gouki, but you definitely made it work. I like that tattoo a lot.
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now that made my day fucking sweet
heely's avatar
This picture is awesome. I like all the small things in it like the tattoo of a beast like Gouki on his arm. the updated prayer bead necklace. the small Capcom logo on the jacket and most of all the belt with the symbol that comes up after doing raging demon. Very kool Gouki pic
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This is SO incredibly awesome!
mullet2dmax's avatar
I knew Akuma had a softer more friendlier side!
Aceomoi's avatar
wow.. this is very different but appealing. good job! :+fav:
Jimotaku's avatar
wow thats cool!
zack-materia-hunter's avatar
I...I've seen the light.
There is a god.
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